Band: MNHG
Country: Germany
Title: Mundare
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black'n'Roll

I was beginning to wonder when and if I will ever get a release by Immortal Frost I do not like and here's one, unfortunately. MNHG are a German quartet (not sure why they appear as five in the band photo) founded on the ashes of Pagan Black Metal band Thyrgrim last year and here I have their debut album. Although it features 12 tracks, the total duration is under 40 minutes, so we're dealing here with reasonably short and concise tracks which is obviously good for the style of music they play, Black'n'Roll. The problem in what concerns my intake of this album is that it gave me absolutely no emotions, it didn't impress or surprise me with everything and although the compositions are good-flowing, enjoyable and headbanging-friendly, I felt no connection to them. The lack of versatility on the vocal part is also something that enhances this sterility, and also the fact that I felt no real evilness or aggression apart from the band's lyrics, some guitar riffs and drum rhythms are so generic I can't believe this band is made of well-seasoned members. Sorry to be so blunt, if you're into Black'n'Roll give this album a spin, you might like it, as for me, I resume to liking the few guitar leads that pop up here and there and make my "stay" a bit more welcoming. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 5/10