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Country: Spain
Title: Refresh the Blood
Label: Selfreleased
Year: 2009
Style: GoreGrind

Vaginal Flatulation is a one man band coming from the Basque Country. As the project's name indicated we're dealing with an extreme goregrind act here, and so we are, this promo is composed of 5 extremely fast and violent tracks, almost 20 minutes of hammering, disgusting sounds: guttural, gory vocals, hyperfast hammering drum-machine, intense and complex guitars (if not all, I think part of them being made on the PC, or at least they sound synthetic enough), a crushing atmoshpherethat makes you panic at some points. All music is so fast that I would place this as one of the fastests gore grind acts around nowadays. Still Igor used some well-inserted breaks here and there to make it even more complex. Highlights of this release: insane intensity, deep guttural vocals and sick guitar (programs?) work.
A home-made project for all of you fans of the most extreme Grind. 


Country: Sweden
Title: Enslaved by God
Label: Death To Music Prod.
Year: 2009
Style: Black Metal

I'm very surprised this is a one man band, it really sounds like a full members band. Vanhelga comes from Sweden and this is their debut demo, demo that was supposed to be released back in 2004, but never was, and I don't know if I can consider this as a proper release as it is available only for download from Death To Music Prod., a net label, although the folder contains its cover artwork for casette format... Strange, but I'll pass over that.
Vanhelga's music is mostly mid-tempo, melancholic black metal done with precission and quite a lot of imagination. These 4 tracks sounded to me like a combination of Tenhi and Burzum, very enjoyable, fine executed and overall creating an impressive atmosphere. 
The sound is perfect, the music is great, I don't know why he still have to release stuff by his own or on net labels... Someone should sign Vanhelga! Get this release for free, you'll be able to decide by yourselves, but I'm sure you'll like it as I do.


Country: Tunisia
Title: Of Ignorance and Selfdestruction
Label: Selfreleased
Year: 2008
Style: Technical Death Metal

I have so much stuff to review lately that I am simply picking materials with eyes shut and this way I don't know what I will listen for the next hour. Vomit Of Hate is from the pile of materials I had to review before Pest Webzine went on break, like many others.
This band is from Tunisia, a one-man-band that presents here, within 9 tracks, its debut full-length, although it lasts for around 25 minutes only. Mahdi Riahi, the guy behind Vomit The Hate was only 19 when recording this, and that tells me he's a fuckin' genious! This is such a curdeled, such a mature release that it's practically impossible to imagine it's done by 1 guy only.
Vomit The Hate is a technical death metal band that leaves you mouth open for as long as you listen to it. What makes it so interesting? It's simple: Mahdi has masterful technical skills that he puts in practice on ingenious structures, catchy rhythms, synthetic, but well mixed and mastered drum-machine and bass and powerful vocals. I very much enjoyed his guitar solos that are practically everywhere, and also the small brutal death metal insertions. This guy knows music and has an awesome capability. I can't wait to hear new stuff from him.


Country: Italy
Title: Apostles of Inexpression
Label: Unique Leader Inc.
Year: 2009
Style: Brutal Death Metal

This is sick! From the very first tunes this album is a continuous massive brutal attack on your ears, one of the best releases I've heard lately. 
Vomit The Soul is already a known name within the brutal death metal underground. They were formed in 2000, released a promo CD 3 years later and in 2005 unleashed their debut album on Comatose Music. Now it's time for their second opus, out on Unique Leader (that's no shock, right?), an incredibly intense and aggressive album, but at the same time, an album filled with catchy grooves, American like brutal death metal virtuose instruments handling. Blasting intensity it says on their website, and blasting intensity you get! Fantastic trio, killer compositions, awesome cover artwork, to get this album is a must! Nothing more to say.


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