Country: Spain
Title: Ar / Lume
Label: Tupatupa
Year: 2017
Style: Crust Death Metal

Curios thing this EP was released in 2017 but I got it now for a review, so it probably means the band and/or the label are still promoting it after 4 years, which I don't know if is something to admire or just sad... Something to admire because it could mean the band is 100% behind this material, and it probably still represents them the best, and sad because they haven't managed to release a followup since then, if not a debut album, at least a few tracks new EP, something to show they are active and working on it. The three members of Ovakner are all seasoned musicians and active in other bands as well (Lostregos, Ruinas, or Balmog among others), Rober Bustabad being also a long-time member of Machetazo until they split up in 2014, so maybe the splitting up between bands made this low level of releasing a reality making Ovakner a side-project only. Anyway, what we get here is a 4 tracks EP clocking a bit over 15 minutes of playing time and delivering a crusty Death Metal that after the first track I thought would lead us into a Carcass (Heartwork era) type of ambience, but already the second track takes a turn for a more Crust-influenced Death Metal with a few Punk touches, then bringing even more Punk influence in the next one, ending with an acoustic guitar-driven Folk track... Weird, isn't it? Well, for a first material it's obvious the band is in search for their own path, and the tracks they offer here are enjoyable, catchy even at times, why not giving them a chance, but still a followup is more than due now, something to show the audience what the band is about and where they are heading from now on. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10