Country: USA
Title: Blizzard Archer
Label: moribund Records
Year: 2019
Style: Progressive Shred Heavy Metal

Is this style dead or something, or what's wrong with its followers? By looking at this album's reach and following on the internet (YouTube plays or Bandcamp sales) you'd either confirm that or consider this album is a total flop. Yet it might be another thing: the followers of the genre might be so totally blinded by its great/well-known names that they don't bother anymore giving a chance to the others, and that would be a shame as in the first two cases. The truth is Toby Knapp, a guitarist playing mainly in Thrash and Black Metal bands, produced a fantastic new (his seventh!) album, 8 tracks in over half an hour of playing time displaying a tremendous appetite for guitar shredding, for melodic and fast guitar leads and solos on a thick layer of Heavy Metal riffing. The bass line is kept to a supportive, subtle level, and the programmed drums a bit too thin and synthetic for my taste, but nothing annoying after all, it's clear all lights are on Toby's guitar wizardry. A mesmerizing experience, give it a chance guys, really!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10