Country: Sweden
Title: Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt.II: Furnace World
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation
Year: 2017
Style: Death Metal

This is a long time defunct studio project of prolific Swedish musician Rogga Johansson, and his mate, Matte Fiebig from Paganizer, but also former member of Ribspreader and Zombified among others. The current album was recorded in 2006 and seemingly released by Vic Records in 2011, and re-released now under the IBDC banner, with a pretty serious error printed in the booklet: it mentions a bonus part of 8 tracks, but actually, beside the 10 tracks correctly listed, there's only one bonus, an untitled 3 minutes track at the end. Anyway, we're dealing here with the classic Swedish Death Metal sound, so damn low-tuned it hurts, it's so sludgy, and the vocals are so inhuman, that it feels like you're not going to get out alive from this, it feels like zombies are all around it, and from this point of view this is one of the coolest use of vocal tonalities in an album I've heart lately. The ultra-heavy tone of the guitars makes it all sound full and oppressive, and even if this is not something to impress you though its originality, it will definitely impress through its heaviness and cruel atmospheres, fit for fans of zombie-infested movies.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10