Country: Germany
Title: Araganu
Label: Auric Records
Year: 2020
Style: Funeral Doom Metal

Interesting, a German band singing in Italian (or better said Sardinian dialect) is not something you meet everyday; not sure if this is the overall path chosen by Nathik, but this debut album of theirs it sure follows it. 11 tracks in more than an hour of playing time is what the Koln-based trio offers here, music-wise a Funeral Doom with multiple influences from Doom Death but also Post Metal or even Drone I'd say, with rhythms that are usually within the slow (to funeral slow) category, of course, but the good thing is the band doesn't remain in the same register all the time, they even insert some alert, even fast paced passages to spice things us, and the fact they've chosen Black Metal raspy screams as main supported by oppressive growls and even clean vocals here and there gives the album more depth. It's clear the band is looking for their own way, but their experiment here is an enjoyable one, the compositions have a certain flow but provide plenty of surprising turns, and packed in a professional, faultless production is the perfect way to get to know them. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10