Country: Argentina
Title: The Worst is Yet to Come
Label: Independent
Year: 2016
Style: Death Grind

Wow, no less than 16 years since these guys released their debut album, Impending Rot from back in 2000, and back then as this time, too, the band released the material on their own, but I guess now they had some more support from independent labels even simply because there are many more around nowadays. Anyway, Brutal Noise is a band founded back in 1995 and they are still gringing it even Today and they seem nothing changed in the meantime from human point of view, I mean they got older obviously but they still do things with utmost brutality. This new album is made of 18 tracks and clocks 35 minutes of mid-tempo to mostly fast paced Death Grind, with enough groove to keep things interesting, no nonsense violence all the way from start to finish, lyrics ranging from gory stories to sexual depravities to social themes to some I didn't quite get to be honest, but there's variety and that's important. The drums and the vocals could have used a bit more versatility, but all in all I'd say The Worst is Yet to Come does its thing and delivers violent, massive, dangerous Death Grind, give it a try.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10