First of all, congratulations for your new creation, it’s one of a kind that respect the standards of traditional heavy – power metal, please tell us the story of the band, how it all start?
Thank you for the kind words. The band was founded in the summer of 2004 by Stelios, Jason and John. By 2005 we had recorded a demo with three songs that gave us passage to various gigs around Greece, culminating in a Greek mini tour with legendary Canadian band Anvil. After a few line-up changes we released our first album, "Metal Is Back", via Iron on Iron records in 2010.  In 2016 the band released a second full length album, "Fireborn", with Cypriot label Pitch Black Records. This brings us to 2021 and our newest album, "Another Dimension", which will be released on 27th August via No Remorse records.

How would you describe your new creations?
"Another Dimension" is an album that has many sides to it. So far we have heard many comments as to what it brings to mind. To our ears, it sounds truly fresh and at the same time it has this classic 80s feeling we love and appreciate. There are 10 tracks with which the listener can relate to and form strong connections with. 

Is there good compositions or bad compositions on it? (in my opinion they aren’t)
When we finished with the pre-production and gave a listen to the material for the album we felt that there could be some stronger songs, but when we finished mixing them there were truly no good or bad compositions in our opinion.

Would you be so kind to explain what every song is all about?
Well, there are different tempos and different attitudes to each song. The album kicks off with a melodic and fast-paced NWOBHM track 'Judas', which you can listen to as a single on YouTube. Then we have 'Don't Fall From The Sky' with a classic European atmosphere. 'On The Edge' is a perfect example of the 80s vibe we mentioned earlier. 'Fire Below' was written by Stelios and Dinos and it is a joined effort to evoke a live stadium feeling. 'Set The Night On Fire' has the attitude to be perhaps the most different of all the tracks in the album, we will not say more (lol). 'No Fear' is also a fast-paced track with a heavier Rainbow and Judas Priest vibe. 'Eye Of The Storm" is a slow melodic composition with a great rhythm section. 'Sold My Soul' is an in-your-face classic heavy metal song. 'Chasing Time' could be yet another 80s anthem and 'Walking Into The Light' is intricate song with many rhythm changes and riffs. We hoe we got you covered...!

What themes do your lyrics approach?
Many things, some tracks like 'Judas' have a more "religious" vibe to them. For example, 'Walking Into The Light' is about the eternal battle between god and the devil (or good and evil if you like). Other songs have an 80s nostalgia theme. Some are about being on the road and giving every ounce of your soul to achieve your goals in music. We usually like to have a comment on society today in a couple songs in our albums. That's more or less it.

The productions is also very good, did you have a good time in studio?
We had a great time because we did most of the songs and recordings in our personal home studio so the atmosphere was explosive! Drum tracking and the mixing of the album was done by Terry Nikas (Scar of the Sun, Suicidal Angels etc) at Zero Gravity Studios in Athens and our co-operation was excellent from day one. The album was mastered by Psychon Nyne (Septic Flesh etc) at Sound Abuse Productions. Everything went smoothly and the final outcome is something we can be proud of and we are sure you are going to love it to. 

What can we expect from your new album, will be in the same line with your latest?
As you might have guessed from the title 'Another Dimension', we were aiming for something different. We wanted to go back to our roots and write music that feels and sounds like us as musicians. We didn't want to make another 'Fireborn' so we let our creativity flow and experimented with new elements like synths. All in all, we have an album that sounds like Crimson Fire but has another vibe to it.

What hobbies do you have except music? By the way your favorite musicians are?
Music for us is more than a hobby. John is a vocal instructor, Stelios is an audio engineer, Andy Vlachogiannis is a drums instructor, Dinos, besides playing bass, writes articles for music magazines and Nick is also a professional musician. Music is our passion, our life and a full-time job. We have many different favorite musicians, but I think we can surely say we all love Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Judas Priest and many, many more.

The cover illustration is interesting, who’s ideas was it and what is the meaning behind it?
We wanted something spectacular and to the point so we turned to the master, Mr. Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, Helloween, Sodom etc) himself. We were aiming for a space theme that would be a symbolism for the album title (Another Dimension) with the Phoenix, the symbol for the band, at the center. We feel like it is exactly what we had in mind.

In the end, you have the final word for our readers…
Thank you for reading this interview and keep your ears peeled for "Another Dimension" on the 27th August.

July 2021