Country: France
Title: Obscure Catharsis
Label: Atavism Records
Year: 2017
Style: Black Death Metal

Atavism is a cool label that has made it's own path in recent years, I mean when you see a new release on their roster you know exactly it will be somewhere in the Black / Death territories and necessarily occult, raw and obscure as fuck, and Absolvtion is no exception from this "rule". This is the band's debut demo, a 5 tracks effort clocking a bit over 25 minutes of playing time, pretty long duration for nowadays' standards, and it was firstly released by the band themselves in 2016 before being give the cassette treatment by Atavism. We're dealing here with such a filthy and cavernous production that I think only the ones of you into rehearsal-sounding recordings will appreciate, but at the same time it has an oppressive, pestilent atmosphere all around it that I guess was enhanced in a mix / master session after the recordings. Low-tuned guitars supported by super-heavy bass lines, background deep bestial growls, with the drumming line being the weakest link inhere, very synthetic sounding, as opposed to the rest. The compositions are somehow generic, not very surprising or original, but the atmosphere these guys manage to create will give them the necessary niche to evolve in the future, and by the look of it, the band has potential, for a certain type of listeners this tape will be a blast (if they manage to get one, as it's limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies).
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10