Country: USA
Title: Sacred Propaganda
Label: Cult of Pathenope
Year: 2020
Style: Death Metal

Ohio based trio Mutual Hostility are making their first appearance through this 5 tracks EP, a perfect sample of what the band is all about. By the cover art I thought I was about to deal with some modern type Deathcore or Brutal Death, but actually the band sound is based on some classic Death Metal a la Cannibal Corpse with a modern touch from the newer Tech Death Metal scene and even some Slam hints here and there. Pounding and punishing fast paced drumming is the foundation, then the band adds a heavy bass line, a guitar work that balances between groovy and intricate structures, and a vocal that fills up the whole thing by being constantly on the attack mode, a shouting, semi-growling vocal that's present almost everywhere from start to finish. I have very much enjoyed the killer guitar solos that somehow reminded me of Hate Eternal, and actually the whole EP reminded me of early Hate Eternal, a band I worship. The production is crystal clear and as in your face as possible, giving the EP a visceral feeling. Some brutal, grave, muscular Death Metal that's a definite promise for the future! Released in classy 6 panel gatefold Digipak CD.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10