Country: Russia
Title: Controverse
Label: Mazzar Records
Year: 2017
Style: Melodic Death Metal

Oh yes, the debut album from Russian God Syndrome is a serious kick in the teeth; it's such a solid, massive, precise material that it will make you wonder what does it takes nowadays to become a known band, and good music is definitely not a complete answer anymore. God Syndrome were founded back in 2011 and this is their debut album, the followup to a 2013 5 tracks EP, made of 12 tracks clocking almost a full hour of manly, heavy as fuck European type Death Metal mixed with Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal; and here are the elements leading to an exquisite end result: oppressive growling but comprehensive vocals, perfect for this genre, supported from time to time by background screams, intelligent, intricate and captivating guitar riffs, a machinegun-like upfront bass line, technical and melodic guitar leads and solos, and last but not least a damn impressive precise drums section, maybe at times too precise and polished, not a bit of dirt left. All this presented with a perfect production, making everything sound as close to perfection as possible. I'm very impressed by this band and really hope they'll make it big as they deserve it. A not to miss piece of Melodic Death Metal, go get your Controverse!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10