Band: VRK
Country: Portugal
Title: Filhos da Ira
Label: Nigra Mors
Year: 2018
Style: Raw Black Metal

Oh man, this is rough! The second album by Portuguese project Vrk features 7 tracks and clocks around 20 minutes of playing time delivering some of the rawest, most disgusting, heaviest form of low-fi Black Metal you can get, heavily inspired by the likes of Mayhem, Beherit, Axis of Light or Black Cilice, but more on the slow to mid-tempo side of things and unfortunately with a heavily annoying synthetic sounding drum-machine that ruins it all for me. The absolutely grotesque but almost comprehensive vocals are the highlight of this band from my point of view, and I'd dare to say the atmosphere is spot on, too, repetitive, hypnotic and even horrendous at times, so if you ask me if the drum-machine is changed with a better program it's possible to see Vrk getting a serious following in the near future. There's a newer release out, in 2020, a split with Gutterskull but I haven't checked it yet. If you're looking for low-fi Black Metal give Vrk a try, you might like it. It is released in a special DIY limited edition (33 copies) vinyl-like CDR with an A3 size booklet featuring the lyrics.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10