Country: France
Title: Gutter Perdition
Label: XenoKorp
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

I think we're witnessing a certain revival of Death Metal lately, but a revival of the old, dusty, ugly and sinister kind of Death Metal rather than the technical, as complex as possible Death Metal, and this might be a response to the nowadays over-technical and over-produced music in all areas, even in modern Death Metal. Defenestration, beside the kick-ass old-school band name, offers exactly that, a fast paced (but not too fast though, even incorporating some mid-tempo passages at times), brutal and sick music, with a certain degree of Thrash Metal influences as well, building on atmospheres rather than trying the impossible on the technical side, but don't get me wrong, these guys still deliver some intricate compositions, nothing simple or easily digestible, yet all it's very catchy and memorable. It's great the growling yet comprehensive vocals are so powerful that they manage to perfectly compliment an excellently produced instrumental part so that the overall result is so impressive and infectious you'll be determined to spin it again and again. And if the band members look as menacing as their music sounds, I think we have a winner here, this debut EP definitely presents us a fine new Death Metal name coming out of the nowadays Black Metal lead France, such bands might turn kids to Death Metal again...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10