Country: Slovenia
Title: Ritual of the Sun
Label: Independent
Year: 2020
Style: Experimental Black Metal / Dark Ambient

The Slovenian band Snøgg signs their musical work as experimental black metal. “Ritual of the Sun” is a musical triptych that starts the dark-ambient "Ritial of the Sun pt.1", developing into a neofolk, humming noizz with a small dose of amospheric black metal. In terms of sound, it resembles sounds straight from film music, reminiscent of, for example, the series "Chernobyl" or other catastrophic or post-apocalyptic movies. And, interestingly, for lovers of space, it can also be associated with an interesting sound experiment, which was once presented on the Astrophase YT channel - it is about computer-processed "sounds" made by rotating planets in space ... This part of the disc is very nostalgic and full of longing for something undefined. As the wall of humming sounds builds up, "Ritial of the Sun pt.2" begins. Here, dark melorecitations come to the fore, with time turning into shouts - and the black metal machine spins and pulsates like an oscillator, creating the impression of a dark ritual. A group of priests pray rhythmically and the accompanying followers shout with them, calling for a fire. In the third part you can already hear fire and water, and a large dose of tarry electronic-dark-ambient sounds. They also echo the echoes of folk sounds from the background, gradually turning into neofolk ambient, post-industrial clashes and electronically stylized sounds of forests, caves and sounds of some alien civilization ... very, very, veeeery far beyond black metal.
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 8/10