Country: USA
Title: Hour of the Summoning
Label: Narcoleptica / Grotesque Sounds
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

New promising name couming out of Los Angeles, USA, not to be confused with two other US based Transcendence bands Metal Archives points out. This quintet was founded in 2012 as Annihilation (another uninspired name if you ask me) and soon after changed their moniker to Transcendence. In 2014 released an EP and a demo, and in 2017 this new EP that promotes the band's already announced upcoming full-length album to be out soon on Blood Harvest. We're getting here 4 tracks (20 minutes) of old-school Death Metal the American way, highlighted by an analog production, low growls supported by screams at times, quite complex and at the same time catchy guitar riffs with Thrash Metal hints and excellent, somehow melodic guitar leads and solos that actually made this EP a very good audition for myself. Although at the beginning of this material I found the drums' sound a bit too upfront and in your face, maybe more than I would have liked, by the end I got used to them and actually enjoyed the whole material as is, a sinister slab of cryptic and horrifying sounding old-school Death Metal that reminded me of the old US based scene, but with influences from the Finnish school of Death Metal, too. An interesting new band, keep an eye on them as their debut album promises good things for fanatics of this genre.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10