Country: Spain
Title: Premonicion
Label: Art Gates Records
Year: 2021
Style: Heavy Power Metal

I've first met this band's music twenty years ago when they were releasing their second album on Locomotive Music. Now here they are, with a 9 years hiatus in the meantime, still hammering the stages (oh, well, maybe the rehearsal rooms these days) and presenting here their fifth studio album. From what I see they've kept the same path, a melodic and powerful Heavy Power Metal highlighted by an unmistakable vocal front mixing high-pitched screams with clean vocals that sound the same like 2 decades ago, like they haven't aged a bit, and still keeping Spanish as the lyrics language, so I guess they should have a pretty stong following in all Latin America by now. The instrumental part is complex, rich in all sort of influences, offering a fine balance between the melodic, catchy side of it with the powerful, headbanging-inducing passages that will enchant fans of the above-mentioned genres. Killer riffing, catchy leads and solos, powerful rhythm section enhanced by a clean and as powerful production, and on top of these the original vocal section (that's you'll either love or hate) make of Ankhara a respected band that has it's clear and defined own path.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8.5/10


Review to be published in the upcoming issue of Slowly We Rot print magazine!