Country: Canada / Peru
Title: Devorando Carne Divina
Label: Total Darkness Propaganda
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal / Black Death Metal

Opening this split are Canadian Pathetic, a trio from Calgary formed in 2015 playing an old-school primitive type of Death Metal, mainly slow to mid-tempo rhythms with occasional fast paced outbursts, seemingly recorded in one take to have things as organic as possible, but the sound quality, although dirty and unpolished is good enough to have you enjoy their 4 tracks, especially for a tape release like this one; on CD or vinyl it would have sounded like shit. The drumming is quite simple but brutal and even too upfront at times, the bass lines are fat and vibrant giving the whole a motor-like sound, the guitar riffs are ok-ish but bring nothing too memorable or captivating to impress, and finally the vocals are good cuffed growls thrown somewhere in the background, in the shadows, but they lack any variation, so again a spot where the band should work more in the future. All in all this will appeal to fanatics of old-school demo tape like Death Metal (US style) recordings.
Side B of this split tape is presnted by Peruvian Blackened Death Metal band Putrid, a group that was formed back in 2010 having released quite a few materials since then: splits, compilations, EPs, demos and even a full-length album, The Triumph of Impurity in 2016. Their music is way faster, demented I'd say, a sick, uncompromising combination of Thrash, Black and Death Metal pounding your ears from start to finish, but to be honest I was expecting exactly that from an Extreme Metal band from Peru, this is the exact music I'm expecting to get from those lands when it comes to Extreme Metal, and that's probably because my first encounter with it was Goat Semen which is not the lightest of them. 4 tracks of total annihilation and debauchery with good enough production, chaotic but not to limit the audition experience in some way, just enough to fit this tape medium and bring back the energy and adrenaline from the second part of the '80's. 
As said earlier the spit comes in tape format, excellent professional quality, with folded booklet featuring all lyrics and a fit cover artwork, recommended buy!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10   7.5/10