Country: Israel
Title: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Label: More Hate / Wings of Destruction
Year: 2018
Style: Dark Metal

This is the 9th studio album released by Israel based one man band Die Entweihung, a project that apparently started out as Black Metal, but volved into a more versatile and volatile form of Metal, Dark Metal as Herr Entweiherr named it. This new album is made of 8 new tracks plus a cover version of Doro's Long Lost for Love, a total of almost 50 minutes of melodic Metal based on intense guitar work as backbone. The production is too synthetic for my taste, it's obvious it was all done in-house as it sounds like the Ambient Black Metal projects from the beginning of the 2000's, but nonetheless all is crystal-clear, you can easily follow every instrument and there's nothing too abrasive or annoying about it so from my point of view that's ok. The compositions are, as said earlier, based on a couple of layers of guitars, as intricate as possible, sometime too intricate and unpersonal but most of the time very interesting in their own way bringing in coloured leads that sound almost Oriental I'd say, plus a synthetic drum machine that's nothing impressive but gets the job done. The vocals are cookie-monster-like Black Metal shrieks, comprehensive and more mysterious than menacing, so all in all it's a dense and demanding album but not fit for everyone, you'll either love it or hate it, it won't go unnoticed; speaking for myself I like the ideas on it, and dislike the production.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10