Country: Poland
Title: Mój kraj nazywa się Smierć
Label: Werewolf Production
Year: 2019
Style: Atmospheric Black / Pagan Metal

Now Stworz is one man project so this fact little but better changed Stworz’s sounds. Genrs is still atmospheric black / pagan metal with dark and poetry, pathetic lyrics  but now guitar’s riffs and sounds are more better than in the past. At the beginning, ambient’s instrumental called “Na rzece z gwiazd” (“On the river of the stars”) brig us to the full-sorrow climate and space… Then pagan metal’s machine rolls through the ears, which based on raw and oldschool blackmetal with pathetic screams and, from the other side, very melodic solos. „Mój kraj nazywa się Śmierć” (“My country’s name is  Death”) still is a music monolith, kind of pagan metal stable tradition, which mixed pathetic atmosphere with the wall of the sound/noise and black metal’s space of music machine with acoustic nefolk motives. From time to time we can hear there some echoes of… coldwave (I suppose that’s a unintended effect) and some progressive sounds (jut a little bit – but there is it). Lyrics on this album we can understand without problems if we know Polish language. And these texts are very important on this stuff- lyrics and music are one power. In the other hand this album is a atmospheric black / pagan metal poetry, kind of metal audiobook - music is just the background to the lyrics. In my opinion, this album is the best stuff taken from Stworz.
Reviewed by Vilcin
Rating: 7/10