Country: France
Title: Gokkun
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Death Grind

Damn, I certainly wasn't expecting this music from Truie, the band name or the cover artwork lead my mind towards an Alternative Rock kind of band, but instead they absolutely splatter the listener with some fine-ass technical, brutal, wide Death Grind that stretches its influences from Black and Prog Death Metal to filthy Porn GoreGrind, a seriously rewarding experience for fans of these genres I'd say, and because it's only an EP made of 4 tracks they've added as bonus their 2007 EP Bukkake, remastered in 2017. Cool thing there's not much difference in production between the two EPs, both offer some polished, crystal-clear, powerful production that fits in perfectly with their music. As a difference in music between the two I'd say the newest material has some more Black Metal (symphonic even!) touches rather than the first EP that's more inspired by Prog Tech Death Metal. Anyway, to hear symphonic inserts alongside techno or even arcade music, or electro, and all these onto a base of pure brutality and debauchery, sounds astonishing to me and I have to admit this is probably the 10th time I'm spinning this CD and I fuckin' love it to bits! Strongly recommended for open-minded Death Grind maniacs, I doubt purists will enjoy it though.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10