Hi guys, how are you? By the time you're answering this interview you should be home from your Germany / Austria tour with Six Feet Under. How was the tour?
Yeah we just came back from the tour now and it was great. We realized that Six Feet Under is a good band for us to tour with. Our music fits well together and they are cool guys. Lots of the shows got sold out and it was a great success.

How did you get along with SFU? I guess you had openers each night, any of them caught your attention?
We got along very well. It was a co-headlining tour so we played just before SFU and had 3-4 supports playing before us. It’s a bit annoying with so many bands but apparently that’s how it is in Germany and Austria. We prefer to have just 1 or 2 supports. Anyway, I heard a bit of the supports from backstage but none of them really caught my attention.

Have you played only new stuff or the fans still ask for some of the older tunes? Which gig was the best in this tour, how was the crowd?
We played only 3 songs from the new album, the rest was a mixed set from our former albums. It’s difficult to make a setlist when you released so many albums and only got 45 minutes on stage.
Klagenfurt and Leipzig were among the best shows I think. The crowd in Klagenfurt was amazing, they were like dynamite.

Any curious facts from the tour you would like to share with our readers?
There was this singer from one of the support bands who was acting like he was the star of the tour. He just kept on behaving like an asshole so after some days I threw his hat in the toilet and pissed on it. The next days I saw him wearing the hat on stage again haha. What a schmock.

"To Those who Walk Behind Me" is your latest album, released this August. Please tell us what's new on this one, what's different from let's say "The Prestige"?
All in all it’s more melodic I would say. And more dynamic. I tried to experiment a lot with dynamics in the guitars.

What's with the track in Danish, do you think of using Danish language in your lyrics more often now? What are its lyrics about?
We just made it for fun, to try something different. We’ve made so many albums now that we need to try to go new ways not to be bored. The title means "It was just going so well…” and is of course self-irony. 

How was it working with Fredrik Nordstrom and Tue Madsen?
They are both very professional producers and it’s a pleasure to work with such people. Fredrik also has a very cool sense of humour, it fits perfectly to us.

This is your first album on Massacre Records. Do you have high hopes being on their great roster? How many albums is the deal for?
Yeah we have high expectations and I think we finally found the right label. They are also very satisfied working with us. We met the label manager at the show in Ludwigsburg last week and we’re getting along very well. It’s a 3 album deal we have with them.

You've reached high rankings in the Danish charts with this album. What is that meaning to you?
It means we’re selling a lot of albums so of course this means a lot to us.

How are the sales going so far? Are you satisfied?
It’s still too early to say, we didn’t see any sales figures yet. But Massacre told us that we’re one of their bands who is actually doing pretty well.

Where will you play in the near future? Where can our readers expect to see your gigs?
We were talking to Six Feet Under about doing one or two more tours with them in Europe and maybe USA. But it’s still too early to say more about that. We’re lining up a Denmark tour in April and May.

What will the band do this end of 2009 and what plans do you have for 2010?
We played the last show for 2009 so now we’re taking a month off at least. Next year we’ll play a lot of shows and festivals I hope. You won’t see a new album from us until 2011!

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Interviewed by Adrian

December 2009
Email: contact@pestwebzine.com