Hello! I saw Litvintroll in Poland some years ago during Minsk-Mixt festival in Warsaw, you played in Harenda club. Tell us, what has happened in Litvintroll since those times?
Hi! A lot of things happened, wars, catastrophies, revolts ;) Litvintroll has formed a solid crew, we released our debut album and at the moment we are working with the newest material. We travelled thousands kilometres, we met a lot of new friends.

Litvintroll was one of the main stars at Basowiszcza Fest, one of the most famous independent folk/rock/metal belarussian fests in Poland and Eastern Europe. How did you feel there?
The audience was absolutely great !!! We, of course, tried to do our best on the stage. In my opinion a lot of very good bands played there. I’m so sad because this kind of belarussian fest can’t exist in Belarus, but from the other hand – belarussian fest abroad is a good thing, heh!

You released album „Rock’n’Troll” in 2009. I was impressed to hear it, I’m a big fan of folkmetal sounds. You recorded „Breaking the law” cover, taken from Judas Priest, that was a really „killer cover” in my opinion! Tell me please, why you choose this track and how was your work going with „Rock’n’Troll”?
This cover was as an impulse, kind of coincidence. I was listening to Judas Priest in car during the way to the rehearsal room. Then I played some „Breaking the Law” ’s riffs and other Litvintrolls caught it, because we love old, good heavy metal. At the beginning we played this cover just for us, just for fun, but later we decided to play this cover in public. And now we always hear the voices from the audience „Breaking the law!!!” during our gigs, heh, we are Judas Priest too, not only Litvintroll, heh.... We were working with our debut album "Folk’n’Troll” for two years. We divided this time beetween writing songs, which was easier, and looking for musicians, who shared our point of view on folkmetal, and we found our music profile at last.

What is the situation of folkmetal and metal scenes in Belarus now?
Gods Tower, a legendary belarussian metal band,  has revived recently, they are really great band! We have a lot of good young bands with very talented musicians, but we have a lot of problems with sound in the clubs. Summing up, we have good bands but we haven’t a good concert’s base.

Some members of Litvintroll played in medieval folk group Stary Olsa. How much did it influence today’s Litvintroll?
This influence is invisible but still powerful, heh... E.g. recently we have recorded one acoustic track for our friends from Lublin, Poland. This track is very similar to Stary Olsa’s tracks, but we weren’t inspired by them, it was just natural!

Let’s talk about your gigs. You played in Poland some concerts, what do you think  about Polish fans?
That was great! At each concert always there were people, who knew our songs, our lyrics, we enjoyed it very much! This was a sign for us, that there weren’t random people. This summer we are going to play in Poland next time and I believe that once again we will experience Polish hospitality.

But did you play in other countries too?
Yes, we played in Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. Sometimes it happened the audience didn’t fill the whole concert’s room, but we always rocked people, this was a sign, that they enjoyed our music. It was a very rainy evening when we played at famous Lithuanian fest "Menuo Juodaragis”. All people escaped to tents but when we started to play, they came back under the stage and were headbanging and dancing pogo all our set!

Do you work with new material, when can we get your new album? You have just said about your plans to play gigs in Poland, what else about it? What are your concert plans for the nearest future?
So far we have made half of our new material, a part of it we have been playing on our gigs now. CD will be available in autumn 2011, I think. We are playing in Germany on 4 June at „Black Troll Fest” with Skyforger and Menhir and in Eastland on 13 August with Metsatoll. We are open to other concert propositions. We will inform about all of our gigs on our website.

Let’s talk about your private music fascinations and your way of perceiving Slavic culture and Slavic Heathenism.
We like very different music, not only folk and folkmetal, but we also like the greatest bands like Skyforger, In Extremo and Eluveitie. We like Dio, Type O Negative, In Flames, Darkwater, Sadist, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Opeth and more, more... We present our music fascinations on our last.fm profile. This is not a secret, that official Belarussian authorities are  still destroying national Belarussian culture and promoting Soviet-Union trends. That is why we base on our traditional, Belarussian culture, we try to discover it for people, we try to bring it to human’s hearts. We try to present the beauty of our traditional culture. We try to show that heathenism is not a dark, bloody cult, how some people perceive it, but heathenism is a life strongly connected with nature, with respect for ancestors and all form of life in the world.

Good idea! I support this vision of heathenism, I agree with you! Tell me, at the end of our intie, where we can find Litvinntroll on internet.
Our official website is www.litvintroll.com, there we publish lyrics, in English too, and all important news and information about us. We have Belarussian, Polish, Russian and European distro, all info there.

Thanks for intie! 
Thanks, good luck!

Answers by Vasil Varabeichykau
Interviewed by Vilcin

Email: contact@pestwebzine.com