Encoffination are a total 2 man crushing doom/death metal band and here is an interview with band member Ghoat:

Tell me how the 2 of you came together to form the band and was there every a time when you thought about having more members and in the future can you see it becoming more than just the 2 of you?
Encoffination was borne of the two of us just randomly jamming one night after band practice with another band. No, we have never considered adding members.

I see both of you are or were in other bands. Is Encoffination the only band that you are both presently in?
No, We are also both currently in the band Father Befouled, plus we are active separately in bands such as Ghoulgotha, Isolator, and Rituaal.

So what were the early days of the band like? Did you both have a good idea of what you wanted the band to sound like? Did you pretty much write original songs right from the get go?
Yes. We wrote and recorded the first two songs the night we first rehearsed. Those two songs became the “Temples Descend Below The Earth” 7”. Our only goal was to write slow and suffocating death metal.

So how did you come up with the band name and were any other names thrown around? How about the logo?
I watched a movie once called “Departures.” It is a movie about a Japanese man that helps prepare the dead for their funerals. It is a Japanese movie with english subtitles and one of the subtitles described what he did as preparing the dead for their “Encoffinment.” I took the name from this. The logo was drawn by me. I was drawing the logo while in was in a college class one day and I was wearing an Incantation shirt. I kept looking down at the shirt as I drew - I guess the inspiration was subconscious. Incantation has the greatest logo in death metal so I’m happy that ours is reminiscent of it.

So how long was the band around before you released your Ep in 2010 called “Temples Descend Below The Earth”? Who released this and is it still for sale? What was it like going into the studio and how was the response to this release?
We recorded those songs the very first night we ever played together. There was no “studio.” We recorded on a home studio at our drummer’s house. It was recorded in the summer of 2009 and released February 2010. It was released on my own label at the time, Archasm Releasing and limited to 300 copies on 7”. It has been sold out for 5 years.

Also in 2010, your 1st full length came out called “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh”. Why did you end up releasing something so quick in the same year? How fast did the songs come together for this release? Was it easier going into the studio this time as opposed to the 1st time?
We recorded this release long distance - as we have also recorded everything since that first 7”. We have a very unorthodox writing and recording style - our drums are written first and then I write the guitar parts based on the drums. Our drummer recorded the drums for the full length on his own and then I wrote everything else. It was done very quickly. We had a lot of creative energy in the early stage of the band. We were doing something fresh to us and something the underground metal scene was lacking.

Is your “Ritual” release still for sale and who put it out? What are your thoughts on it these days?
Selfmadegod released “Ritual Ascension Beyong Flesh,” our first full length on CD and yes it is still in print. The LP was done by the Chinese label Psychedelic Lotus Order and was very limited. Selfmadegod re-pressed the LP version this year and it is still available.

Tell me how a song usually comes together? So far what has been the weirdest place one of you has come up with a song idea?
As I said above, all songs are written as drums first, then I write guitars. I sit down and listen to the drums and figure out the timing and patterns and write the guitars from there. It is a pretty clinical process. I write lyrics all the time. Whenever something pops into my head, I write it down. Inspiration is found everywhere.

Who writes the lyrics and what are some of the subject matters you like to write about and what has been the hardest song that you had to do lyric wise?
I write all lyrics and everything is about death.

How would you describe the band’s sound and do you think you’re an original band at all?
Have you listened to us? We play very slow and heavy death metal. I think we sound pretty original. (yes I have listened to you and I was asking YOU what you think you sound like and if you think you’re an original band-nothing more-nothing less-chris)

Now sticking in 2010, a 3rd release, an Ep also came out called “Seventh Temple Of Laodicean Scripture” was released. How did come to be you had 3 releases released in one year? Did you think you were gonna oversaturate the band at all? Who put this release out and is it still for sale?
Like I said above, we had a lot of creative energy flowing. We had a lot of people interested in our sound after the first 7” was released and labels wanted to release stuff. Blood Harvest did the release and it is long ago sold out.

Now in 2011 yet another Ep came out called ‘Amen”. What was the response like to this and do you feel with each release it was getting easier to write songs and go record them and stuff?
This release is a live recording of our first live show. We played one long song (13 minutes) created just for this event. The response was minimal, this was a very limited (100 copies) LP that only true die hard fans will appreciate.

Has the band ever played live? If not, will you ever? Now when you go and record is it always just the 2 of you in the studio?
Currently we have played live twice. Our sound is very layered on our recordings with drums, bass, and multiple guitars. It is hard to pull off live. We also do not rehearse together so it is very hard to practice our songs. They are written with a lot of improvisation and hard to recreate live. The live shows were have done, we have rehearsed in advance and written material just for the occasion.
Every recording is just the two of us. We record alone.

How did you hook up with Selfmadegod Records and how has it been working with them so far?
They contacted us via MySpace many years go. They have been great, we have done three albums with them.

Do you feel there is way too many bands in the underground and most of the ones nowadays just rehash stuff that has been done a million times already and offer up nothing interesting at all?
Yes and no. There are lots of bands but there are always bands doing something new. You just have to look and find it.

A split also came out in 2011 with a band called ‘Grave Upheaval”. How did this come about and how many songs of yours is on this and have you ever re-recorded an older song and put it on another release? Are any of your releases out on vinyl?
The label who did the split, Psychedelic Lotus Order, suggested Grave Upheaval to us. We loved their sound and figured it was a good fit. The split was released twice - once on 12” LP and again on 7”. No, we have never re-recorded and older song. Every release we have ever done or recorded has been put on vinyl. Some only on vinyl.

Did you both live in Atlanta, GA and how far apart do you each live from each other? Do you guys practice much or just hang out and go to shows? Speaking of shows, what are some favorite shows that you have seen over the years?
I live in Atlanta and our drummer lives in San Diego, California. We never see each other. Only when we play in this band, which is rare, or our other band, Father Befouled.
I have been to hundreds of shows over the last 15-18 years or so. I don’t know where to start. 

Is your music pretty much available worldwide and have you gotten many emails from over and Europe and other places over the years?
Yes and yes.

In 2011 your 2nd full length was released called “O Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres”. What are your thoughts on this release and how was it going into the studio for this release?
We recorded this one as we always do. I spent more time writing guitars and adding textures to the record. I feel this record was the full vision of the band at that time.

With each release do you feel it gets harder or easier coming up with new material? Have you ever done a cover tune and if so, what song or songs and if not would you ever consider doing one and if so, what song and why?
No, once my head is in the right place, the songs just flow. Like I said, we have a very unorthodox but strict way we record. When I sit down to do it, it happens. We have never done a cover, but it is not out of the question. I have a few things in mind.

In 2012 another Ep was released called “Elegant Funerals For The Unknown Dead”. How did you come up with the title and how many songs are on this release?
This was a 5 song MLP. The title comes from the idea of memorializing the dead in crypts in places such as Palermo and Capuchin. There very elaborate and elegant monuments made of bones and corpses of unknown people. It is very morbidly beautiful.

Now we fast forward to 2014 and you have a brand new release called “III-Hear Me, O’ Death”. How did you come up with this title and how about the artwork for it?
The title is an homage to the personification of death - these songs are made to glorify death’s beauty and dominance. The painting was done by someone I contacted online. I was already painted and I saw it and felt it was appropriate for our album so I purchased the rights to it.

How quickly did the songs come together and how smooth was it going into the studio for this new release? Do you feel it is your best work yet?
Same as before. Yes, I do.

How long do you see the band sticking around?
Only Death knows.

Please plug any websites or merchandise that you have.

What are your thoughts on the underground and sites like Facebook?
They are very useful to spread your band.

What are some things you like to do when your not doing music related things?
I am an artist and graphic designer. I like to create.

Are there any good underground music stores with driving distance in your area?
Yes, Criminal Records in Atlanta is a good place.

What do you parents think of the band ha ha?
They have no opinion.

Horns up for the interview any last words to wrap it up?
Thanks for your interest in the band.

December 2014

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