Country: Germany
Title: Reborn in Thrash
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Metal

By the Ep title I guess it's pretty clear what we're talking about here: Folk Metal. Haha, no, seriously, Taskforce Toxicator are hailing from Germany and this is their second EP since their formation in 2017, a 5 tracks (almost 20 minutes) material of '80's fashion Thrash Metal all the way. To me they remind of Exodus, Testament and even Megadeth (some pretty cool tongue-in-cheek riffs here and there) or Metallica (Kill 'em All era), meaning a full-speed, energetic, angry Thrash Metal that's meant to break your neck which headbanging. The vocals are in the Crossover / Hardcore Thrash vein, the guitars provide mostly catchy riffs and some quick and angry solos, and the rhythm section seem to be on cocaine from start to finish, absolute frenzy! There's also a mid-tempo track inhere, Genetic Failure, but except for the killer vocal delivery it is quite dull, so I prefer the mostly fast side of the band. A good EP, not boring, not over the top either, but it gives you a honest feeling, like the band really enjoys what they do, and that makes you get the music better. This was released in limited edition Digipak and cassette version by the band themselves, so your support is more than welcome!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10