Country: Norway
Title: Fit to Kill
Label: Mighty Music
Year: 2019
Style: Death Metal

I couldn't say if Blood Red Throne are getting the attention and respect they deserve, but I can for sure say they are one hell of a hardworking band, and their constant activity since 1998, their  9 full-length albums and a handful of minor releases are a proof of their drive and dedication to this Death Metal craft they chose. The new opus, Fit to Kill, is a 9 tracks effort clocking 50 minutes of straight-forward mid-tempo to fast paced Death Metal highlighted by groovy and heavy drum patterns that seriously drive the overall feeling of the album towards a certain direction, melodic and technical guitar work, oppressive and upfront bass lines and a growling, hoarse main vocal supported at times by desperate screams that fit to the music perfectly destroying any trace of possible monotony. So yes, even if the rhythms are mostly mid-tempo and one might think that's getting boring at some point, Blood Red Throne manage to come up with little hooks and surprises during the audition that spice things up and lead to a great time. From my point of view this band has massive potential, they are committed and wholehearted, but on top of that they certainly know how to create and deliver some rad Death Metal tunes to make your days better and I cannot find any visible (read audible) faults to this new album of theirs, hence a perfect score inhere!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 10/10