Country: Poland
Title: Gate Etemmi
Label: Old Temple
Year: 2019 (re-release)
Style: Death Metal

Wow, excellent idea for Old Temple to re-release this gem of an album by the band that nowadays is called Pandemonium and is a cult name in the Polish underground. I've heard of Domain back in the end of the '90's - beginning of the '00's and I remember how praised they were back then by fanzines, but I've never had the chance to check their music out, and with this occasion I realized I missed a lot. Domain's music on this third full-length album of theirs and the last under this moniker is a varied form of Death Metal importing elements and influences from genres as diverse as Thrash, Electro, Industrial, Ethnic, and even Alternative or Rock'n'Roll if you can believe it, and the best part abou the album is not even that, it's actually their ability to come up with hooks and choruses to set each track apart from the others, and that's fantastic in my opinion. Not all tracks are absolute hits, of course, but more than half of them are outstanding! And even those that are not gems have something interesting or original to offer. A powerful, massive production to enhance the solid state of this album, and a vocalist that sounds like Lemmy started to sing Death Metal, are complimenting this awesome release I'm glad the band and the label had the idea of resurfacing and so giving me the chance to enjoy it. One of the best underground releases I've heard in 2019 even if its original release is dated 2002. Note to self: to revisit as often as possible!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10