Country: Italy
Title: The Evil Emanations
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Year: 2018
Style: Death Metal

I've started to see more and more such traditional Death Metal releases coming out lately from all over the place, and that means a resurgence of this genre is happening as we speak, that type of Death Metal reminding of a mix between the South and North American '90's schools. Hellish God are a new quartet from Lonbardy made of ex Antropofagus or Imposer members presenting here their debut studio album, a 10 tracks effort into half an hour of playing time, a fair duration for such a release I'd say, it gives you no time to get bored and because there are so many tracks things keep turning and twisting, so it's quite interesting. I have to say I've heard better, but Hellish God are doing a good job keeping things somber and fucking vicious as they should be in this type of music, or better said things seem pretty serious and the band sounds honest in what they do here. Usually I'm more impressed by the guitar work, but here I have to say the bass lines captured my interest way more, they sound damn complex underneath the wall of brutality constructed by the guitars, drums and growling vocals (supported by screams here and there). One suggestion though: before giving this a try make sure you give a chance to the album in full as tracks get more and more interesting along the way, and I think by listening to the whole album you will get a better experience, there's no definite stand out song among the 10. Brutal, massive, hateful and dark Death Metal with excellent production.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10