Country: Spain
Title: On the Brink of Existence
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Thrash Metal

Oh man, I started on the wrong foot with this band, the cover artwork for this EP is horrible in my opinion. No offense to the artist who did it, but it seems like a 9 years old girl painted it; good colour choice, complementary and in tone with the band logo, but the art itself is horrible for a Thrash Metal release, just compare it to the cover of Redimoni's second album and you'll get what I'm saying. Now getting to the band, Redimoni are around since 2000 and they have been on Witches Brew and Xtreem Music so far releasing two albums, an EP and a split, so I guess they have formed themselves a pretty respectable following so far. This new EP is their come-back after a hiatus of 7 years, and brings us 5 new tracks in under 20 minutes of playing time, an old-school ('80's) type of Teuronic Thrash Metal with occasional incursions in the American type of Thrash and even some Thrash Black passages at times. Actually the atmosphere is pretty bleak and evil overall, what ruins it in my opinion are the main shrieking vocals that I have to admit sound pretty original, but are those kind of vocals you'll either love or hate, and unfortunately for me, I fall into the second category. The second type of vocals Redimoni uses are harsher, more shouted than yelled, and sound way more suitable for this music, but indeed they don't capture attention that much Ancient Buried Secrets for a perfect comparison. The instrumental part is fast as hell, angry, energetic, pretty varied and catchy, I give my kudos for it; very organic sounding, authentic, honest compositions that will make you at least bob your heads. Axes, the last track on this EP, is also the best (and most serious) in my opinion, regardless of the vocals, and I hope the next album of this band will go in that direction. I have no idea if this band takes things serious, or it's just a fun for all thing to pass the time.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10