New interview shared with us by Osiris from Xtreme Metal Girls, this time with the Spanish Copro Grinders from MONIGO.

A copro greeting guys from this continent. First we would like to know how were the beginnings of Moniga? How did your idea of doing the most stylish and all that shit?
Copro Greetings!! Yes!! The way to assemble an obscene, dirty and smelly band we had in mind for many years, Edu and I, but after a Dead concert Infection in Trauma Fest. 2005 we decided we had to do it! And so in January 2005 we started to rehearse and create waste that became auditory excrement is "Copromo 2006". To prepare the live shows we recruited Sergio to play bass with crazy perversions and contribute to the band. 
The shit was the main reason for the band since the beginning, is something we all know and we all enjoy ;-), we all have anecdotes and funny situations fuck around and shit, so we said: "We will tell about it to all the world!" 

When have you released your first demo in 2006, "Copromo", how was the reception of persons before the first sample of putrid diarrhea? 
We greatly exceeded! Just recorded this demo to give to friends and give it at the doors of the concerts ... and the response was brutal! We realized that people liked to talk shit and tell humorous stories and situations that are reflected :-D 
We were really surprised by the good response and we were encouraged to devote all our efforts, which made us better, more perverted and stronger drugs. 

Mmm, who among you is the most twisted up to wrote those great and catchy songs? Oh yes you say you are 3, really believe it (laughs) 
Well, we actually do all three! Jajajaj our dirty minds ideas are always dirty and stupid driving. Each tends to make a few letters, but also make a "diarrhea of ideas" in which letters or ideas we share. We really are three minds can work together to make multimedia shit. 

After a while, you have finally finished your new album. Tell us a bit of "Coprometidos con la Causa" 
Yes, has been hard and long, like when you're constipated, but we screwed up with much love! MOÑIGO is confirmation, our commitment to let everyone know who we really are. Say you will be our calling card. 

How has been the writing process? Very forced? Or you have enjoyed it without stress? 
For composing takes years, we are always making shit Moñigo constantly, ideas, rhythms, lyrics ... there is always material, so that you are creating waste. 
We went around and we are joining with 13. We liked and we were pounding asshole, but decided to continue damaging them with details, spotted here and there. And so we took more time, but when everything was to our taste awful .... The record for the whole world could feel the pain of gut will feel safe. 

What differences has this upcoming new album with the above? 
We believe that now is the true sound of Möñigo. The Drum sounds very powerful and realistic. We dropped the tuning to low frequencies move your bowels. Edu has brought the voice of filth and corruption that they send the message to all your poor ears. And the issues are the result of the effects of alcohol, drugs, cheap and shameful sexual experiences have shaped and of which we are so proud as our most glorious shit. We believe we have defecated a professional job, to make it clear that shit should be done with class!! 

Listening to the song "Coprovoyeur" well, that song went along with an orchestra? Tell us how you came to do a song with that style? Again very original of you. 
The letter was written coprovoyeur the last time, and wrote some simple rhythms, but we were working on it and decided to give a touch of epic and majestic, so you can see that within the porn gore grind can innovate and make things interesting. Hahahaha make an orchestration was complicated and laborious, but we believe it will be very interesting, because it surely will be discussed. The most probable is that criticize us more often than they usually do haha but that we love. 
Hopefully in a few years can do a concert with a great orchestra, major rock bands jajajajajajajaja 

How was that experience to be the band that would open the "Trauma Fest"? 
It was brutal! From here we turn to thank Raul (the organizer) to give us their wholehearted support from the beginning of everything. It was our first major concert, with some impact and mainly deal with public understanding on the subject. There were nerves and we did everything that was good, but people like me and we learned a lot that night and we did improve in many aspects. We have a great memory of that concert (jajaj later by the large amount of alcohol and do not hold many more memories ....) 

And what about sharing the stage with Rompeprop (one of his biggest influences), Haemorrhage, Difenacoum, Gruesome Stuff Relish how was it? 
It is always a real luxury and privilege to share with the band most important of Spain and Europe which is Harmorrhage are great musicians and better people. If you have a chance to see them, you will not regret ever!!!
With difenacoum and sometimes we agree and we have very good relationship and also Grusome Stuff Relish (same Altar of Giallo), we had a good time together. Noel Kemper, guitar / singer, working on our album on the song "Salcedo's Adventure", was a great honor for us. 
With Rompeprop, the penalty is that we do not play the same day, but we really enjoyed the concert and gave him a CD with bassist and we took some photos hehe. Later came to play in Madrid, and try to contact them to arrange a show in the city but did not receive a response from them or the developer ... so nothing came out. 

What has been your best experience on stage? By any chance some girls defecating? (Laughs) 
In the Trauma Fest. The only downside is that on stage the sound was not as good as it could and was not very comfortable, but still came out ahead. 
Jajaj still do not have money to take girls to dance with us, but maybe in the future will to some old underwear and making obscene movements that some obese can go to defecate in a urinal pink at the peak performance (Any volunteer is welcome, although it will take very very dirty casting ;-)) 

Have you thought about the idea of making a good video for this year by the launch of your new album? 
Well, certainly yes. We are asking for budgets, and the thing is running. Surely the end of the year we have a horrendous and totally reprehensible video to create more trauma to the people and give a new reason to live to our fans hordes of perverts and psychopaths. Steven Spielbergy JJ Abrams is interested in the project scheduling problems but may not work. Like Brad Pit and Jim Carrey, who wished to leave in the video but our manager did not see it viable. 

Some of you have other projects parallel to MOÑIGO? 
Edu has a punk rock project called "La ultima Neurona de Marichalar" (haha a Spanish aristocrat) in which he plays guitar. Sergio also has a band with his brother and rocker, and I think he plays guitar. I (Daviti) I'm playing drums in OMISSION, banda Satanic speed metal thrash and are currently presenting the second album and playing many shows. 

AH a more intimate question, see, you practice coprophilia? Or just limited to the art of Moñigo worship through his work with? 
We enjoy everything around the shit. Above all to shit, which is a real pleasure :-) There is nothing better than a good package release after a hard day at work dirty and evil deeds. In addition to intimate jejej. You know: big decisions are made in the toilet bowl jajajajjajajajaj. Shit is a symbol of unity, as all know, all the expelled in the same place, regardless of sex, race or religion. 

As you can see the future of Moñigo, will continue its dirty line or maybe change a little style? 
Trying to take a step further our level of dirt! Continue shaping our experiences dirty and shameful in our subjects, ideas and philosophies to make all listeners to grow and become better people. MOÑIGO always the same, but also open innovation because we like to bring something new and shocking, not to be a band of the bunch that run every day. In addition we also want to show that music can be dirty and funny but in a serious and hard work behind. 

Well Brothers too funny interview, I say goodbye, thanking you for taking a bit of your rotten time and answer these few questions, I hope that soon we are also in touch for more news. If you want to add something else are free to do and shit haha ... You all loved it! hahah
As is quite an honor us answer this funny interview to inform them of our perverted intentions. Remind them that our CD COPROMETIDOS CON LA CAUSA "shit & Honor" comes through Xtreemmusic ( and will in any dirty shop where they buy their music and sex toys. We sent a brutal and sweaty hug to all who invest their time and put aside their sexual acts to read us. 
If you want information or send us your most intimate perversions can be contacted at: 
Facebook also and above all in the privacy of their closets! 

Thank you very much for your support 

Enjoy the shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview by Osiris Stef
Answers by Daviti "Flatulenter"

May 2011