Country: Canada / Sweden / France
Title: The Daily Grind
Label: More Hate Productions
Year: 2019
Style: Grindcore

Oh, yes! Such a good name for this three-way split, and hopefully More Hate will continue releasing splits under this moniker, although I don't know how supported still are such releases by the audience, if there's any demand left for splits nowadays. 
Opening are the Canadian sickos from Nervous Impulse, a band I keep my eyes on since their beginnings in 2009, and I've always said they have what it takes to be a household name in this genre. Perfectly mixing furious Death and demented Grind, Nervous Impulse are churning your brains out from start to finish yet leaving plenty of space for groove and delivering well-thought, intelligent compositions. The stunningly brutal vocals, a mix of growls and screams that sound like dogs shredding meat actually, are complimenting the no-nonsense 6 tracks offered by the Canadian Death Grind heroes. Flavorful brutal dementia!
Anus from Sweden are a quartet founded in 2016, a totally new band to my ears although they have a debut album out already the same year they were founded. Their 6 tracks featured here are a combination of Gore Grind and Slam Death Metal with funny inserts from commedies, but contrary to the expectations (my expectations at least), the band realy put some serious effort in coming up with clever compositions and varied structures for their tracks, not just simple riffs thrown inthere; there's devastating brutality, fun rhythms anyone at Obscene Extreme would love to dance on, a wide range of vocals and vocal effects, contagious riffs, fast rhythm section, and excellent production. The perfect soundtrack companion for puking your bowels out!
Unsu from France are around since 2008 and have just released their second full-length album Darkest in the Sun this year. Their thing is hyperfast Grindcore with occasional rhythm changes (even some brutal mid-tempo Hardcore thrown in), good display of excellent guitar riffs, not over-repetitive to become boring, a Swiss-clock tight, (more than) energetic rhythm section that will make you feel you're on cocaine, and a totally crazy vocal section mixing high-pitched screams with pig squeals and deep growls. The velocity this band produces is out of control, I'm very impressed.
All in all this is a fantastic split, all three bands are top-notch, I have enjoyed them all equally even though they are so different one from the other; fans of this genre should not miss it!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10  9/10  9/10