Country: Argentina
Title: Bastardos
Label: Grimm Distribution / Morbid Skull Records
Year: 2017
Style: Thrash Metal

This is the self-titled debut album by Argentinian trio Bastardos, initially released by the band in 2015, then re-released with different artwork by a joint venture between Grimm and Morbid Skull on CD limited to 500 copies. We're treated here with 10 tracks for about 35 minutes of playing time, a mostly fast-paced old-school Thrash Metal that reminds me of old Metallica or Sodom or maybe even some old Sepultura at the same time, correctly executed, with a few hooks here and there to make it interesting, but definitely directed at die-hard Thrash maniacs, others will find it boring. I have to admit after a while I didn't find it particularly enticing myself; yes, it has those catchy, headbanging-friendly riffs we all expect from a Thrash band, and the energy is there to pump you up, but originality is zero and the feeling that you've already heard it all somewhere else before is over-present during the audition. Bottom line I'd say this is not a bad release, but it's directed straight to connaisseurs.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6.5/10