Country: Belgium
Title: Dies Tenebrosa Sicut Nox
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Year: 2021
Style: Black Metal

Dies Tenebrosa Sicut Nox (Day as Dark as Night in Latin) is the fourth full-length album from this Belgian band, and second under local Immortal Frost Productions after their 2019 come-back album Ichor (The Rebellion) released on Pulverised Records. It took them only 2 years to come up with these 8 new tracks (37 minutes) so it's clear we're in for a treat from this band in the future, too, the 10 years hiatus (at least on discographic level) might have only stirred their hunger for more blasphemy as lyrically speaking their tracks seem like nails against religion, against "any form of monotheism" as they say. On musical level we're dealing with pure and utter second wave of Norwegian Black Metal worship, fast, unrelenting, totally ice-cold, hateful music that feels like razor-sharp lashes; blastbeats from start to finish, upfront, powerful bass lines, expressive and influential guitar riffs, and a vocal that's so insanely angry I can't even describe it, just perfect for this kind of music! If you're into fast and furious Black Metal, especially into the 2nd wave Black Metal, this is something you should try out and I'm sure it will impress you, but if you're looking for original, ground-breaking material look elsewhere. The cover artwork, as the album title and lyrics seem to be well interconnected and provide a deeper level of involvement for the listener. Released as jewel-case CD with 12 pages booklet; classy old-school layout, too, I might add.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10



Later edit: the label wanted to mention that the album is "released on 12” vinyl in 3 colours and digital". Direct link to it: