Country: Poland
Title: Times of Eternal Torture
Label: Total Därkness Propaganda
Year: 2020
Style: Thrash Metal

Probably named after the track with the same title by Polish legends Kat (from the Metal and Hell album), Black Hosts got together in 2017 and this one is their debut full-length made of 10 tracks in 34 minutes of playing time. The major influences seem to be Kat (obviously) and Canadian Razor, but on the instrumental side of things I'd also name German Living Death and Assassin, even early Sodom, so a highly energetic mix of Speed and Thrash Metal (not Black Thrash!) with wicked vocals, an explosive drummer, catchy guitar riffs and killer demented solos, absolutely infectious and neck-breaking! The vocalist is a total beast and puts the band in a well recognizable position, but also the fact that Black Hosts has a member that plays the synth (!!) makes them stand out even though his involvement is purely for intros and intermezzos while the rest of the tracks are pure '80's "classic" instruments driven. If you're into faster than fast old-school Thrash Metal you should definitely check out this band, or at least this album; Times of Eternal Torture was initially released by the band in December 2019, and then presented by TDP on excellent cassette format (professional, with lyrics, limited to 150 copies) a year later, in the last day of 2020. Love it!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10