Country: France
Title: Saudade
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Depressive Black Metal

I'm surprised to see this band still not signed after a well received demo from 2014 and and EP released a year later, but maybe, and that's the most probable I think, it's because the band thought they could do well even without the help of a label. From the product point of view they did, the CD comes in a professional, good looking 6 panels digipak featuring the lyrics as well (good idea since it's impossible to understand anything from the Black Metal shrieks the vocalist delivered inhere), but I guess from the promotion point of view the band could have done better with the help of a label, but all in all it's their decision and I should end the discussion here. Cepheide-s debut album offers 5 long tracks in 40 minutes of playing time, a depressive, melancholic, desperate at times and ethereal at other, Black Metal characterized by the melodic guitar leads built on a solid and dense layer of tremolo riffs, well assorted rhythm section sounding quite organic I'd say, and suicidal distant and cold screams from the backgrounds seconded at times by clean vocals that sound as distant as the main ones, emphasizing the emotional, sad atmosphere this album delivers. It's not an original release, but it offers a plain perspective over the tremendous potential this band has, and all in all it's an interesting and captivating debut that can convince the audience, no doubt. My favorite track is the last one, Aureole, where the band carefully builds so much tension and drama it feels it's about to burst at any time, it's such a claustrophobic, such an intense and oppressive track I have to declare myself impressed and revisit it as soon as possible.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10