Country: France / USA
Title: Split
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Year: 2020
Style: Doom Death Metal

Killer way for Everlasting Spew of presenting its new signings, a split with two somehow similar (in genre) bands. 
Atavisma from France are opening with three tracks clocking more than 15 minutes. I have met their music years ago, when they released their split with Indonesia Maur, and I remember I liked their side better but wasn't very impressed, so I'm glad they've gone a long way to where nowadays they are a household name in this genre, with a steady group of followers and a constant stream of new releases to feed their hunger. These new tracks probably preface an upcoming album on Everlasting Spew, a sordid, decaying, sinister doomy Death Metal with mostly slow and oppressive rhythms seconded by fast and frantic outbursts of anger where the drums offer a most impressive performance from start to finish. Atavisma reminds me of the old school of Finish slow Death Metal (Abhorrence, Rippikoulu, Funebre, even Unholy).
Void Rot were quite a new name before this split and in the meantime they have also released their debut album on Everlasting Spew, so this introduction I'm sure helped in paving the way. They mention as influences Winter, Rippikoulu among others, so again the Finnish slow Death school is kept in high regards. We're dealing with three tracks of faster paced rhythms but with the same oppressive atmosphere as in Atavisma's case yet with a highlight on the guitar leads that throw into the pot some psychedelic, My Dying Bride-like moments making their tracks more memorable, and the fact they've added some grooves to the drumming gives their music an easier flowing impression. 
Both bands are killer and if you're into sinister and slow old-school Death Metal this split is a must listen to (at least)!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10   8.5/10