Country: Costa Rica
Title: Revenant of Blasphemies
Label: Psychogrind Records
Year: 2017
Style: Doom Death Metal

It's not everyday you get to listen to a Costarican band, so it's always a pleasure to get a new release from these lands. Pazuzu is a band apparently founded back in 2005, but it seems the release I'm about to talk about here is their debut demo, released this year, so not much activity from the San Jose based quartet, two of them were more active in other bands like Gutbucket or Repulsive Death in the meantime. We're offered here 5 tracks with 2 of them being short instrumentals, like an intro and an outro to the 20 minutes massacre. Old-school mid-tempo to fast paced Death Metal with Doom influences here and there, very beginning of the '90's sounding, with long chaotic guitar solos, sinister vocals, oppressive guitar riffs and a repetitive, quite catchy and definitely headbanging-friendly rhythm section. The sound is quite raw, unpolished, just like it was recorded from the rehearsal place I think, but it sounds clean enough and at the same time deeply dark to enjoy it without problems. Costarican Pazuzu are not reinventing the wheel, but the play with convinction and prove there's potential in creating sinister music in those shiny lands, too, who knows what the future will bring for them.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7/10