Country: Germany / USA
Title: Estrangement I: Floodline
Label: Independent
Year: 2019
Style: Doom Black Death Metal

Ok, an interesting journey this debut demo from German/American duo Golgot, 4 tracks in under 20 minutes of playin time. At first listen, meaning the first track, I got quite hopeless that this will be a good demo. The start is quite dissonant to say the least, the slow, Doom influenced rhythm doesn't help at all the guitar and drums getting together in a proper manner, and this track sounds quite sloppy, it's like the drums are having serious trouble with this slow pace and the guitar doesn't know what to do to compensate, and well, it doesn't do anything other than delivering boring riffs anyone could come up in the first guitar lessons. The second track is better, the rhythms is faster and I can hear influences from both Death and Black Metal, old-school and organic to the core, but the composition is again very simplistic and dry, nothing impressive. Well, the third track brings forth an oppressive bass line and a haunting lead guitar to support a ghoulish, nighmarish vocal, but the drumming, although more complex and elaborate than on the first tracks, remains dull. Yet the track is definitely better and has an identity, something to pinpoint it on. Flesh Adoption, the fourth and last track, is the best one, delivering again a repetitive but absolutely haunting lead guitar line, an even heavier bass line, a disgusting, horrifying vocal (that does an excellent job) and even though the drums are again nothing impressive, in this track they fit well. All in all I could say I can understand both the organic old-school recording as a response to nowadays over-produced material we get delivered everyday, and the simplistic, old-school compositions, but I'd say they need more in the vein of the last track on this demo to come up with a worthy material for nowadays when there are tons and tons of such bands around. Go their Bandcamp page to make yourselves and opinion on how this demo sounds.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10