Country: Switzerland
Title: Crass Cleansing
Label: Independent
Year: 2018
Style: Punk Death Metal

This one is completely old-school to the point that I actually got a test print of this album on vinyl, accompanied by a hand-written presentation letter with the band's logo drawn by hand by Tim, the band's drummer. Fantastic! This is the band's debut album, and as far as I know their first ever recording even though Matterhorn has been around since 2012. An 8 tracks LP clocking a bit over half an hour of playing time, a very entertaining and from my point of view original material. The closest I would go as comparing Matterhorn with another band would be Master, mostly because of that prominent, solid bass line used by both bands, but there's more to the Swiss trio than a simple comparison to Master, they have a strong Punk sound and structures to their music, complete with serious Thrash and even Hardcore (a slight touch though) influences, a dirty, organic sounding, diverse, old-school type of Death Metal played with the '80's feeling and attitude but with the clean (although 100% organic and analog sounding) production. The tracks are varied and bring plenty of hooks to enjoy them, but I'm sure their complete potential is on live shows, there are parts of calculated chaos (excellent guitar solos) and catchy, headbanging riffs that should fire up the places where these guys play live. Very, very interesting newcomer from Switzerland! PS: The cover artwork is absolutely iconic!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10