First of all, let me congratulate you for your latest album “Stella Moriens”, a very good  Atmospheric Black Metal.
Thanks so much! 

Please tell us the story of your band, how it all starts?
I recorded a demo in 2019 in which the music sounds a bit different than the latest release. I had previous band and song writing experience but this time I decided to write, arrange and record everything myself for Noctysmal thus having full control over the sound I wished to convey and the topics I wanted to cover. I am still learning how to perfect my recording and mixing skills and hopefully future releases will sound a bit more polished.

Will you be so kind too described the concept of your album?
Yes, certainly. With "Stella Moriens" I explored the concepts of time, space, death and rebirth. I have always been drawn to the cosmos and would often gaze up at the night sky thinking how amazing it was that the stars seen in the sky today are the same ones observed throughout history by others. I am also fascinated by the idea that we are probably not the only ones out there in this vast universe. I actually recorded the album during The Great Conjunction of 2020, where the planets Jupiter and Saturn appeared in the sky at only about a tenth of a degree apart. I think this cosmic energy helped the recording.

The last album has an interesting cover, what is the meaning of it?
The cover for the single "Void Transmissions" is a rather abstract one. I chose it because to me it conveys wave forms and energy, peaks and valleys. In all honesty though, it was a blurry photo I had taken with my iPhone. I inverted the colors and thought it looked interesting enough to become an album cover.

Also, what can u tell us about the meaning of lyrics?
"Ab Immemorabili" is an instrumental intro.
"Channeling Light From Aeons Ago" marvels at the fact that humans looking up at the sky today see the same view that those throughout history have also seen. Even though at times we may feel lonely, mankind is connected as we are part of this vast universe partaking in the same ritual of gazing up at the stars.
"SAO 245567 - Ode to a Dying Star" deals with the death of a star/supernova and the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
"Watchers" actually has no 'human' lyrics. They are just a bunch of sounds and what I envisioned to be what aliens or sky beings might sound like. 
"Extensum Spatii Et Temporis" is an instrumental drone track.

Did you have good time in the studio with the recording?
Yes. I was able to record everything on my laptop in a corner of my bedroom that has since become my studio. 

How was it for you the all Covid-19 situation?
It was all a bit scary at first but we adapted to the lockdown mandate and wearing masks. I personally didn't mind this fact too much as it needed to be done for health reasons and since I am an introvert it gave me more time to record music. On a more somber note though, my heart goes out to anyone who has had a loved one taken as a result of the virus.

Where we can find your creations?
Noctysmal can be found on:
Spotify and YouTube.

The last words belong to you?
Thank you so much for the interview and for the insightful questions! It was a pleasure! Hails to all the readers of Pest Webzine!

Interview by Ionut Dimitriev

May 2021