Country: USA
Title: When Heroes Fall
Label: Pure Steel Records
Year: 2019 (re-release)
Style: Power Metal

I popped this into my player without checking any info on the band or the release itself and spinned it a couple of times before searching for any data. I was about to say how '80's this all sounds when I saw this was first released in 1991 on cassette by a label called Prison, then re-released on CD by German Massacre Records in 1993, and finally this year re-released by Pure Steel again on CD; there was also a Japanese version out in 1994, so the hype around it seems pretty serious although the band remained quite underground all these years. Different from the original version is only the new mastering, and an extra track included after the initial 9, a live version of the track Silent Rage, a not so successful version I'd say, it lacks the energy the band transmits on the studio recording (weird, isn't it?), and also the band sound like it could have used a few more rehearsals before this gig took place. Back to the album, it is the second and last one signed by this Florida based quartet and offers pure American Power Metal hitting all patterns of the genre. The band displays a good disposition to deliver melodic yet powerful Metal, has good technical and composition skills to make you bob your head on their tracks, and some passages are truly what Power Metal fans are looking for in their music, but something is missing for this album to keep sticking to your mind after the audition, better said it's a good album, worth a listen, but not a great album that can make your top 10 of the year or whatever, it brings too little to stand out from the crowd of similar releases. I guess either the band is working on new material, or this album sold so well that Pure Steel decided to re-release it; or both?
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: -/10