Necrogosto is a crushing black/thrash Metal band and after hearing their new release I knew an interview was in order. This interview was answered by Tom Nuctemeron Perpetual Disorder (bass player).

What sort of kid were you growing up? Was music a big part of your life during your teenage years?
I was a very observant and quiet child, but even so, I interacted a lot with other children, with simple and humble conditions, which was my family economic background.  Music is an important part of my life and of all the children of my generation (80s). Rock 'n Roll was important for the reproduction of the behavior of the Brazilian youth at the time, remembering that in Brazil lives a military dictatorship until the year of 1985.

What sort of kid were you growing up? Was music a big part of your life during your teenage years?
I started to become interested in Heavy Metal/Punk in the 1995/1996. I started recording the first tapes (K7), with songs that played on the radio, borrowing materials with friends. Bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath,  Sepultura... The need to listen to something extremely expressive and aggressive for me was something natural, I saw something in music that I could express myself through.  I was raised in the suburbs of a third world city, where people are oppressed, where you are conditioned (police/state/church) to express yourself in a way that is acceptable for the bourgeoisie.

Since I don’t know who is doing the interview, what made you decide to pick up and instrument and if this is the singer, what made you decide to start to sing in a band?
My biggest experience with instruments and anti-music, is with the drums, I played for 18 years with bands like Under Attack/Nuclëar Fröst, the bass was by chance, I really like the instrument.  What stuck a lot at the time of playing and the intensity and willingness to express, what music refers to at that moment.

I know all of you are in other bands or were in other bands, are those bands still around or is Necrogosto the only band you guys are in these days?
The NxGx members were part of many other projects. The only one that remains active with another project is BB Crazy, with his (Finnish HC) band Helvetin Viemärit. Perversor of the Holy Order played at Beastkrieg (Death/Black). Tom Nuctemeron played at Under Attack (Thrash) Nuclear Fröst (Crust), Unfit Scum (HCNoise), live formations by the bands Whipstriker and Besthoven.

When did the coming of Necrogosto start to come together? Was their other line-ups or members before you came to the current line-up?
The band had their first idea as a project, in one of the profane rituals performed by me, Perversor and BB Crazy, after a few weeks Bestial Goat was invoked to participate in the Profane Horde.

You all don’t use your real names and have “stage” names. Why this this and how did each member or how did you come up with your particular name?
We use “artistic” names because on stage, for example, we try to transcend each one in their own way, what the sound that Necrogosto means to us, and it's time to express another state of mind, to invoke or to release what is called as a demon.

How did the name of Necrogosto come about and were any other names thrown around?
The Name appeared in one of the countless meetings of friends, in rituals against modern neoliberal society, with soundtracks of the true Anti-Christian Noise, fueled by a lot of alcohol and drugs.

How long was the band around for before you released your 2017 self titled demo? What was the response to this demo overall?
Just over a year. The answer about demo was the best possible, most of the people understood our proposal as a band and be it on the sound or ideological side.

Where did record this demo and around how much did it cost the band to do it?
We recorded in the city of Sao Paulo, at the Caffeine Sound Studio, with an analog system. The producer Luis Tissot who was the person responsible for understanding and capturing all the atmosphere that we would like to show in the two recordings.

Now I know the band is based out of Brazil. Is there any sort of underground music scene there these days?
Brazil as in Latin America is experiencing a devastating moment, many good bands appear, here in Brazil I can name a few: Exício, Retaliador, Hellish Grave, Açoite, Bixera, Wolflust, Poisonous, Hole Of Jesus, Lápide, Morbid Perversion...

Why did it take 3 years, from 2017 till 2020, to get some new music from you guys in the form of your new Ep called “Ancestral Bestiality”?
In fact the songs that came out of Ep, are songs that we made in the period of 2018, we recorded in the beginning of 2019, this material took time to be released.  Today we have songs to record new material.

How did this new EP music come together? How did you end up working with Nuclear War Productions?
Working with NWN was something natural after the release of the demo, ideally NWN is a label that has full support from most of the Death/Black Maniacs

How would you describe the band’s music to someone who has never heard it? I think you’re a combo of black/thrash metal myself.
We have total reference of Brazilian bands that from Black / Death of the early 90's, we always joke that we are “No Thrash”, as these bands used to say at the time, because Thrash Metal in that period was the sound in evidence, the popular trend. We play Death/Black - Satanic Black Noise

Have you ever played live or are you planning on it at all?
Since the release of the demo, Necrogosto has played with good frequency live, this year the pandemic of covid-19, hindered the gig of Ep release.

Do you plan on doing much promoting yourselves or are you letting the label handle that?
We disclose to people who are minimally interested in the band, we are not to a band too active on social networks.

Do you have any social media sites at the moment?
At the moment I have Faceshit, to promote and learn about underground gigs.

Any last words to wrap this up and horns up for doing the interview?
Thanks!  For the opportunity, I hope that the zine can gain more and more strength with each edition.

Interview by Chris Forbes

March 2020