Hello and thank you for being readily available for an interview. Who am I speaking to?
Hailz, Lord Lokhraed is speaking. 

Nocturnal Depression has been active since 2004. Since then, you released full-length albums almost every year, with 2009 being an arguable exception, taking splits and video releases into account. Where do you take your creative potential from?
We don't ever stop writing music. We're not like others that focused themselves on an album and then work these songs for several years just for putting a special sound during 3 seconds. We are more into the one-take thoughts. Our negative feelings and chronic depression lead us.

You are generally referred to as "Depressive Black Metal". Do you think this term is suitable for your music? 
It's the basic definition for our music as we use slow tempos, long riffs and basic drums. Maybe people find it easier to look for this label than listening the music.

"The Cult of Negation" has been released through Avantgarde. However, for the latest album, you went back to Sun & Moon Records - is there a reason for this?
"Suicidal Thoughts MMXI" was signed with Sun & Moon Records since very long time so it was normal to let it to them. Also Avantgarde is such a very important label and doesn't have only Nocturnal Depression in his roster to work with. It will be the same with "Near to the Stars" re-edition, we will see the label offers.

Referring to your lyrics, life is painful and worthless. Is this statement to be seen as a merely methaphorical/misanthropical statement, or do you actually live your attitudes? How would this look like, and What do you want to express with your lyrical content? 
This is a fact; life is really shitty and useless. Who will say the contrary? Maybe some assholes from variety music, politics and bastards with open-mind thought. This is our attitude and way of live. Each members of ND bear the scars of suffering, mental illness and depression. We are not suicide promoters with a basic slogan, like you can find in nowadays DSBM. We prefer to work with the feelings feeding our negative views. Also each cd is a different lyrical concept.

Do you consider Nocturnal Depression a political band? 
Stupid question that does not deserve any answer.

What does playing live mean to you? What led you to the decision of releasing a dedicated DVD? 
We can express physically the meaning of our music. We act in every part of despair: brutal, sad and evil. We wanted to show for people not coming into our gigs, how a "DSBM" band like us could act and sound on stage. We get the opportunity to play in this special place in our city so we asked Freak Prod for filming it. Actually, on live, we act more brutal and very much better than on the DVD.

Whenever Nocturnal Depression is mentioned, the names H. Suizid and Lord Lokhraed are central. What role does each individual band member take over? Is it correct that H. Suizid does generally not take part in live performances, and if so, why?
H: Suizid was writing and performing music, I was just bringing some arrangements, writing some lyrics and sing it. Now H.Suizid has left Nocturnal Depression cause of "not agreeing being a part of a scene where we tolerate and admire Shoegaze Rock into Black Metal". So each member is involved into the band by writing and arranging. H.Suizid hates people of every genre and can't stay in place where lot of people remain.

The length of your album releases seems to have constantly decreased, from over 75 minutes on "Nostalgia - ..." to 35 minutes on "Suicidal Thoughts MMXI". Why?
After some years, I saw that listeners can't be enough concentrated more than 40 minutes on a CD. So they were missing so much things that I decided to delete some tracks and release a cd of 40-45 minutes. For my part I would prefer to buy for the same price a cd of 80 minutes than one of 20! "Suicidal Thoughts" is the first Nocturnal Depression demo, we just arranged it and recorded it with a better sound. We didn't add new songs for this release cause it was enough this way as fragment of the past.

What's in schedule for 2012?
An EP introducing the upcoming album and our new guitarist called V.. Some tours are planned like Brazil. Recording the new album "Spleen Black Metal", also "Near to the Stars" demo.

Thank you very much for your time. The last word is yours.
We will continue to poison your peacefully mind\205 The cult of Negation arises.

Interviewed by Khaosis/Erik
Answers by Lord Lokhraed

February 2012
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