Country: Germany
Title: Heimkehr
Label: Trollzorn Records
Year: 2021
Style: Pagan Black Metal

Wow, cool to see these guys still rolling! After almost 25 years of existence Minas Morgul is back with the seventh studio album, and the second on Trollzorn Records with whom they seem to be getting along pretty well. A big stepping stone for the band, this new album presents us the new vocal, none other than Robse from the legends Equilibrium, a new bass player, Janko Jentsch, and a new second guitarist, Haffi, so basically half of the band is new if we don't count the beautiful keyboard player Jen who's with them since 2015; this although in the meantime from the online pics they posted it seems they remained a trio again. Well, whatever the line-up changes, the new album sounds fantastic! We get 10 new tracks in 45 minutes of playing time, an aired, bombastic, atmospheric sounding Black Metal with German lyrics and fronted by the raw, raspy, abrasive vocals of Robse that works perfectly well with the instrumental part. Overall the compositions are following a typical German Black Metal pattern, but there are plenty of melodic inserts both on guitars and keys that don't mellow down the music but give it a bit more flavour and originality, especially coupled with the rough sounding vocals. Not sure if the band should be labelled as Pagan Black Metal or Melodic Black Metal, or even better Epic Black Metal, but it's around that area that their new stuff rotates, so I hope you get the point, a must try for sure!
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9/10