Country: Lithuania
Title: Chapter III
Label: Independent
Year: 2021
Style: Doom Death Metal

Chapter III probably means it's the third material from this Lithuanian quartet, but it's not their third album, the first was an EP, so this is actually only their second studio album released three years after the previous. 7 long tracks clocking 45 minutes, a mix of Dark Doom and slow Death Metal that reminded me of the early days of this combination, just imagine a mix between Officium Triste, Salem (the Israeli band), Novembers Doom and even a hint of Unholy, all in their early stages, in their debut albums, yet Sullen Guest benefits of a modern production, way clearer, aired, powerful. Tormented, long guitar riffs, very heavy and upfront bass line, precise (but too synthetic sounding at times for my taste) drums part, melodic and catchy guitar leads, fronted by a dismal growling vocal that shows good versatility throughout the album (I think more of those rare clean vocals would have been a nice touch, too), and a subtle flute insert on the track Footprints. The melodies added to the lot are pretty desolate and bleak, except on the very surprising last track, October Lullaby, that sounds totally different than the rest of the album, a slow, melodic, calm, instrumental tracks that ends in classy fashion an album that feels like drenching your energy, like feeding from your soul, but in the end that's the particularity of the genre, isn't it? Overall I think this will be a nice discovery for fans of the genre, but I doubt it has the catchiness to get followers from the "outside" world, it's a very niched material for seasoned listeners.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10