Country: France
Title: World at War
Label: Fantai'Zic
Year: 2021
Style: Modern Metal

It seems it's getting to be a custom for Dusk of Delusion to release new material in March since their previous recording, their album Watch Your 6, was released last year in March, and the previous one, (F)unfair in March of 2018. Also something interesting I've noticed on this new material, three of the four original tracks featured here are timed 3:51 min, and the fourth 5:31 min, which is pretty cool in my opinion. Anyway, the band seems to continue the concept started with the previous album, meaning lyrics about World War I, so it's either these tracks didn't make it on the album, or are a link with the next album that will have the same orientation. Dusk of Delusion are a mix of Modern Heavy Metal and Groove Metal, quite melodic, catchy, easily accessible for a wider audience, but at the same time heavy and metallic sounding; probably compared to the previous material this is a bit softer, with more Alternative Metal riffs than Groove Metal I'd say, probably more open to the masses. The Prog Metal play between bass and guitars, although short, on the last track is a nice touch, I had to mention it, and the ending cover version of Quo Vadis' In the Army Now is very good, it offers the band's own take on this track and at the same time it fits the concept of the new EP. Looking at it in comparison to the previous albums it seems Dusk of Delusion will tone down some more on upcoming releases, but that remains to be seen. 
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 7.5/10