Hello hvr! I  don’t wanna ask about Atropos’ history because I was a one of founder your band ;) but tell me about the last five years...
hvr: Indeed, you established the band back in 1994, I remember ];) May I call you dad then? ;]

Sure :D Go on ;)
hvr: To be honest, histories are boring, so I'll try to make it as short, as possible. Five, or even six years is a very good period to report. In the first half of 2005 we have returned after a short break caused by search of a new drummer. We appointed Videu then and, together with a new, third guitarist, Sproket, we entered Serakos Studio, known of our previous production ["Triafata", released in 2001 via Apocaplypse Prod.] to record a come-back EP,  Crucifiction". That was followed by a series of gigs in 2005 and 2006, including such extreme experience, as "Agrofest" in the middle of Polish nowhere. In 2006, we lost two men. First to leave was Sproket, who decided to take his own artistic way. Then, at turn of 2006 and 2007, we decided to finally part with another Atropos' co-founder, Godless, who was replaced by Mlody, a young guitarist shared with melo-death band Unquadium and metal/rock Taliban Monkey Soldiers. Since then, the band has been operating as a quartet. In the summer of 2007, at Lunatech Sound studios in Katerini, Greece, we recorded our full LP, entitled  "Reconquista". This was followed by "Inhabitant" EP recorded in mid-2008. The last act, as for today, was a Polish tour with Hate in early 2009. After that tour, Videu decided to leave the band and choose another path (he completely quit music).
   For the moment, we are working on new material and looking for another drummer who would share our views and ideas for life and music. 

I remember "Triafata” and "Silent Touch” CD but it is not available in music shops, I saw it just as a legal files in internet. What else, what about the new material?
hvr: As I mentioned, we have three recordings to release. At the moment, "Crucifiction" EP is ready to release. We plan to give it to the people as a self-released digi pack, as well as hi-res electronic formats via bandcamp.com and low-res free-to-download mp3 format. Most
probably, "Inhabitant" EP, recorded with Janos at Progresja Studio in 2008, will follow. "Reconquista" LP, recorded in 2007 in a studio of our friend's living near Olympus mountain (it was a kind of pilgrimage to our Greek roots) will be released later via one of Polish or European labels. So, as you can see, yes, we do have something prepared :] And there is more to come!

Atropos played from time to time so I like asking bands about gigs and gig’s happens.  Do you remember the best events, le.g the beautiful girls, who throught on the stage sexy stings with the Metallica’s logo ;) or do you remember the worst one?
hvr: We love gigs. All gigs. We enjoyed every gig we played and we want to play more, as much as we can. We view our gigs not only as a tool to share our ideas, but also as a time of  building a specific relation between us and the public. The music creates reactions and behaviour of both us and the crowd. At this point, the gigs merge us into one single being. We reached that level completely while supporting Rotting Christ in Thessaloniki in 2007 in front of over 1000 people and that was not the only instance. During over 17 years of the band's existence, we have always walked against the stream and our current experience only makes us sure that rich stage image (corpse paint, stage elements) are only minor tools adding something to the contents. We put emphasis on personality and specificity of Atropos.
   Of course, next to the concert along Rotting Christ, the most worthy experience in Poland was the Morphosis Tour in 2009.We toured Poland with Hate, Bloodwritten, Vedonist and Neyra. It was a dozen of crazy concert throughout Poland. The best of the tour (and, in my opinion, in our whole life) was the one in Bielsko-Biała, with completely freaky crowd. We shared enthusiasm with them and played the best gig ever. You can see some footage of that gig at youtube (here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyeRgXuqo1E, for example). During the same tour we had an adventure of a kind you mentioned. We were thrown at with ladies' lingerie during the concert in Warsaw (although there was no "Atropos" or "Metallica" logo on it).
   There was no gig we would have liked to forget completely. We had concerts like the one in 2001 in Gdańsk, 400 people in a pub suitable for 200, and like the most ridiculous one was that I mentioned earlier. We call it "Agrofest". It took place back in 2005. The stage was made of three tractor trailers placed in the middle of a field lend from a peasant in a tiny village in Western Poland. There were about 100 headbangers from the region and about 100 villagers who danced to black metal like at a wedding. Crazy, crazy experience :]
   Now, we are looking forward to play one, maybe two festivals this summer. It's possible that we return to concert life sooner, but no later than in the fall.

Atropos’ team was changed 200%  since the beggining of 90th... Is this stable team now or are you looking for new members?
hvr: Yes, it has changed very much. Only I remained of the line-up of first period of Atropos' life, and note that I was not a founder of the band ;] Now one may say the band has been abandoned by its fathers.
   During these nearly 17 years, we've been changing drummers, we had female vocalists, we used to have three guitarists or to experiment with keyboards. Since Sproket's departure we've been playing in a classical line-up including two guitars, bass, vocals and drums.
   The changes have always proven to be good for the band. They provide fresh blood, new thoughts. At every stage they help to go beyond the frames built at the previous one. For the time being, as I mentioned, we are looking for a New drummer to complete our structure.

OK, what about lyrics? Still darkness and Satan? ;)  Did you change your music fascinations? 
hvr: The last three recordings were filled with the same emotions and thoughts as early ones -human superiority, emotions, glorification of human will... Yes, you may say it was "darkhness and Satan" and add a bit of love and sex ;] The new album will be more complex and much darker. We aim at making purely conceptual album for the first time, more depressive, closer to black metal. This album will be more evil, magickal and nihilistic, than any of those recorded before. This reflects our current state of minds.

And what about your future plans?
hvr: The first aim is to appoint a worthy drummer. We need a powerful engine to disperse our aggression.
   As I mentioned, we've been working on new songs. We'll record a brand new  EP maybe, already in 2011, to let the black-hearted people remember the name of Atropos and give them a taste of changes. Then, in mid-2012,we plan to enter the studio to record a complete opus. As to gigs, we are working on one, two exclusive festival appearances in the summer. We return to regular concerts this fall.

At the end I would like to ask you about „Catch” cover. I like very much  a metal covers of pop and disco music tracks, so I’m curious why did you cover just „Catch” song ;)
hvr: Oh yes, I know your hobby :] "Catch" is not the only song we covered. We used to end our gigs with Sodom's "Ausgebombt". One of our recordings includes Vader's "Carnal".
   "Catch" has been recorded for "Reconquista" LP. It was my idea to include it. Firstly, I truly adore this song. It's an example of a non-metal, even non-rock song kicking ass from the very beginning to the very end. I decided to ask the guys to join me and cover it when I read the lyrics. It can be interpreted - most probably contrary to the author's intention, but who cares - as a reflection of human power and a warning to the world - "I'm coming for you". It perfectly fitted the lyrical concept and music we had prepared for that recording.

Great, let’s just one extraordinary question before drinking beer, when we can find you in World Web Wide Aerea? 
hvr: We are reachable via facebook, at www.facebook.com/pages/Atropos/273969381948. Meet us there!! You can also reach me directly at www.facebook.com/hvrmq. We're active on myspace at www.myspace.com/atropospl and work on re-upping our official website at www.atropos.rockmetal.art.pl

Thanx for intie, best regards, son ;)
hvr:  Thanks, dad ;] Bottoms up!

Interviewed by Vilcin
February 2011
Email: contact@pestwebzine.com