Country: Poland
Title: Scorn the Idle
Label: Independent
Year: 2017
Style: Black Metal

Quite a bold move from Northern Plague to continue on their own after a debut album on well-established label Folter Records; this new album is being released by the band although I'm sure they had a fair share of offers. If releasing the actual CD, or cassette, or vinyl, is an easy task for anyone, the benefit of a label's connections is what actually pushes an album further, that's why I think the Polish quartet took a big chance with moving ahead on their own. Anyway, getting to the music on it, Scorn the Idle offers a technical, polished and atmospheric type of Black Metal with a few Death Metal influences but not enough to be considered a Black Death release, and also influences from other genres, especially on the guitar style of playing. From my point of view this overpolish of a material makes it lose brutality and Northern Plague's new album is proof of that, the music becomes more accessible if I can say that, less abrasive and will probably find a larger audience; not exactly my type of thing, but I can understand why they did it. The compositions are interesting, avoid successfully any monotony, and beside the mostly ultra-fast rhythms we also get some atmospheric passages; there are some keyboard inserts here and there but nothing upfront, only to inflict a mystical atmosphere. But the main elements in my opinion are the classy guitar work and the spectacular at times bass lines, something to listen carefully. All in all it's a very good material that will certainly bring new attention for Northern Plague if they bust their asses with promoting it.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 8/10