Force of Darkness are a total devastating black/thrash metal attack that easily won me over with their power, speed and intensity. Here is an in interview with one of the band members and pick up their new release on Hells Headbangers…you won’t be sorry:

How was the band formed and have you gone through many line-up changes and what is the current line-up these days?
HELLs and fire! Force of Darkness is an entity formed as a Trinity of individuals in the year 2002, although the early sounds started in 2000 when all the songs of the first demo were composed, but when the demo was released in 2002 Force of darkness exists as a tangible fact.
We are the same members since the beginning and it shall be until the end of this entity…
Force of Darkness is :Nabucodonosor III (Bass and Vocals), Seb Armageddon (Guitars) & Necrohell (Drums).

How soon after the band got together did you start writing original songs and what were some of the early practices like?
As I was mentioning in the previous question, the band as an entity, was actually born when the demo was recorded, revealed and consecrated. Before that it was just music.
The act itself of the recording baptized the band under magick and the mystical path of Darkness. This trip is only one way and it cannot be changed in form (members) nor spirit (lyrical concept).
The early practices were very premature, and of course also playing some covers of cult bands of arcane metal heroes like Venom, Sacrifice, Bathory, Running Wild, among others. The early compositions are presented in the first demo, so you can listen for yourself and get your own idea how F.O.D. sounded in the early days of existence.

In 2002 you released a demo called “Rehellsal I”. What exactly was this and what are your thoughts on this these days and did you even sell this or was it just to try and get the band’s name out?
Well the first demo was originally self-released and just for a few contacts and selected people of our circle. Then in 2003 it was re-released including an extra song called “the force of evil has returned” (by the way this was also self-released and limited to 6 copies).
Our thoughts were obsessed by blasphemy, Satanism, the occult and darkness. We play for the glorification of the darkness.

How did you come up with the band name and were any other band names tossed around?
At the time of forming the band, several concepts were discussed internally, according to what our energy would become and what band name would represent or enclose in the best way possible all the aspects of our ideology and music…So when “Force of Darkness” appeared, we knew right away it was the right name for this entity

Ok in 2003 another release came out called “Rehellsal II”. What are your thoughts on this release these days and did this help spread the band’s name around at all?
When our second demo was recorded, this time was in a new studio called DM6, in fact we were the first band in recording something there. It was just a rehearsal, but this time the sound was way better than the previous demo. We see that demo as the development of our sound, there you can find almost all the elements that are later are more mature in our first record and are part of our sound.

Now where is the band based out of and is there a good and healthy metal scene where you live? Do you get to play many live shows at all? Are there any live clips up on say You Tube?
We were originally 100% based in Santiago, but since 2007 Nabucodonosor III moved to another place in the south of Chile (circa 800 km in distance!). Here in Chile there are a lot of bands playing all sort of metal styles like heavy, speed, thrash, death, black and doom. Some of them are decent, others great, but like in every corner of this poser planet, most is shit and just a lame copy of an old band. We actually don’t use to play live very often, and we never did. I mean, we play like 3 gigs in a year as tops, and most of the gigs are out of Santiago. Our last gig in Santiago was with Satan (U.K.) and Bulldozer (Ita) in March 2014 and yes, some people have uploaded some live rituals to Youtube in the past.

Now in 2004 you released a live album called “Live MMIV”. Was this released on a label or did you self-release it? Why did you release a live album so early in the bands career and what is a full show live album and how was the response to this release?
The atmosphere and energy in a live ritual is unique, since you feel more than just the music…  This recording was actually our first live presentation ever in Santiago, and Proselytism offered us to release it.  We actually never meant to make a live album, it just happened. Anyway, other bands have live albums in their early days, I mean, before a debut studio album (see Vulcano’s Live, among many others.

In 2005 you released a split called ‘Outbreak of Evil Vol 2”. Who was the other band on this split and how many songs did you have on it? Did a label release this or did you or the other band release this? What was the response like to this release?
The other bands in that Split are Abigail, Midnight and Villains, and it was released by Nuclear War Now! In 7” format and limited to 1000 copies. In this release we have only one song called “Spit the cross”, that song was recorded for this release only.  The response was good, although I didn`t like very much the songs of the other bands (except Midnight), Abigail`s songs were only covers and no black metal anymore...

In 2006 you released a self-titled full length called ‘Force of Darkness”. Did a label release this and if so who was it and how was it working with them? What are your thoughts on this release these days and is it still available and if not would you ever consider re-releasing it?
Our debut Album was released by Proselytism from Chile, limited to 1000 copies in a special digipack (like 7 inches size) and it sold out since many years now. Answering the second question you asked, yes, it will be repressed soon, and also the vinyl version will be spawned, so, be aware of that dark force which will soon break loose!!! For us this release is very important and shows the real sound of the band, for the first time recorded and mixed in a professional way. Those days and energies are essential to us since they serve as the memorial on the band foundations, because our minds are still connected to that energy created in those years…

In 2007 the band just kept rolling along with another release called ‘Poison of the Underground” which was a split. Who was the other band and how many tunes did you have on this release? Who put this out and is it still for sale?
This split was shared with our brothers of Bestial Mockery (Swe), this time we recorded 2 new songs called “La Caida” (sung in spanish), and “The Demons Free”. Turanian Honour from Hungary released this split, and it was limited to 500 copies in 7 inches vinyl.

Do you think the band has a certain sound and at what time in the bands career would you say you found the “Force of Darkness” sound and for somebody who has never heard of the band how would you describe what the band sounds like?
We play Metal to glorify the Darkness, and our sound is the consequence of negative energy and our will. Our sound is fast, dark, evil and occult. Some references of our music may be: Bathory, Bulldozer, Root, Necromantia, Mayhem (nor), Tormentor (Hun), Vulcano, Sarcofago, Incubus (Florida), Pentagram (Chi), Mortuary Drape, Morbid, Desexul, Imperator, Master`s Hammer, Messiah, Poison (Ger), Obscurity, Agressor (Fra), Sabbat (Jap), Vader (demos era), …. But faster, dark and occult.

Now 3 yrs later, 2010, another full length came out called “Darkness Revelation”. Why the 3 year wait in between releases and at this time how many original members were still in the band?
We are the same members since the band was established, this condition cannot be conceived in other form or pattern… Darkness Revelation was recorded in 2009 and released in 2010. The composition process took some time due to the distance and because the inspiration needs certain conditions, energy, polarized states of mind, etc.

Who put out the “darkness” release and is it still for sale and what are your thoughts on this release these days?
Darkness Revelation was an intense album, not only due to its performance, but we also tried some variations regarding the first album, and what we were doing in terms of adding more elements to our music, and more deep concepts on lyrics which created a darker atmosphere along with its complexity…Now has been re-released by Hells Headbangers on vinyl and CD, so it´s available again.

In 2013 you released a comp called “Rehellsals”. What stuff was on this release and is it still for sale and did you have help in putting it together?
This release was originally an idea of Death Division Rituals. Here are presented both demos (ReHELLsal I & II), first was released only on vinyl and now is available in CD as well. I think is still for sale, Iron Pegasus has copies if someone is interested.

How does the writing of a song come together? How about lyrics? With all the releases you have, do you guys feel comfortable going into the studio?
Going to the studio is not a problem, since we record in the same chamber since many years (12 years by now), so it is nothing to worry about. The whole process of mixing and mastering is longer, which consumes a high amount of our time. Writing lyrics for us is a very long and tough task. It requires certain inspiration, energy, elements and of course very deep reflection. All the entities of this band write lyrics, sometimes is like a ritual that takes place as a meeting that later becomes a personal journey that ends in a topic that has to be developed. Some inspirations, concepts and words are senseless sentences that in the beginning we can’t completely understand, but later (in months) it becomes an interesting concept. We see this process like a kind of “touch” or “possession” of hidden forces and energy that we summon and let us open gateways to the occult gnosis.

In 2013 you released a single called ‘Creations From Oscurity”. Why just a single and not an ep or another full length?
This was a self-released production, made in a very limited edition of 150 CD`s and mainly for contacts and people who has supported us in the past, not for sale. It was meant to show an advance of our forthcoming work plus some unearthed rehearsal songs recorded in 2006.

Now recently you hooked up with Hells Headbangers and released “Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness” with them. How did you come up with the title to the album and how did you hook up with Hells Headbangers?
The album title comes from a phrase that is in the song “kliphotic Procreation”, and it somehow describe the action of utter Chaos and darkness executed (as verb; present, past and perennial)… Sicvt erat in principio, et in saecvla saecvlorvm… Ouroboros illuminati potentiam tvam. Lacigam ssenkrad.

How was it going into the studio to record this release and how has the feedback to this release so far I personally love the release?
Enter to record was not a big deal, this time was way faster than the previous recording processes we made in the past, especially considering that are only 21 minutes of darkness and chaos. Until now the feedback has been good, but for us we really don’t care the opinion of people, this is homage to the darkness, which we praise and glorify.

Do you plan on doing any type of touring to promote the release or doing any sort of promotion yourselves?
We don’t make any kind of promotion. We live the underground and want to remain this way. We have never make any homepage, Myspace, bandcamps, facebook or stuff like that. Our music is not for everyone, and our message is not intended and/or intelligible for the main current individuals.
Any information you may find of us was uploaded for someone without our permission or concern…

Now the underground has changed big time over the past 10 years. Has the band used any of this to its advantage?
No, we don’t “use” the underground, and actually I think the true underground hasn’t changed, it is still alive, but in a small amount of individuals (maybe a handful of persons per country) who are still fascinated with the REAL magick and energy that certain music may evoke in the right people with the right knowledge (and or gnosis) in the right moment.

Do you feel there are too many bands these days and what are your thoughts on the underground scene these days?
There is a lot of bands, just like 10, 20 and even 30 years ago!... The difference is the exposure and the information; I mean that is just on one or two click away from your hands. Most of bands just want to be noticed and get attention and don’t even believe in what are they doing, don’t even understand what is their essence or energy and are looking for “likes” in facebook instead of play something that really is genuine, with feeling, will and passion. (I could not agree with you more-chris). There is a lot of great bands, but also full of copycats, posers and wannabes like in every decade before. As I told you in the last question, the underground is OK, every time there are less people seriously involved which is good and make sense for me, because is not for everyone.

How long do you see the band going on and do you have any goals as a band?
We would like to continue as long as we possibly can. Our goal and aim is the glorification of Darkness.

If you had to do 2 cover tunes, what 2 tunes would they be and why?
We have played some tunes live in the past like; Tormentor (hun), Bathory (hades). Because they are the roots of Black Metal and we pay homage for their influence in the genre.

Please plug any websites you have and any merchandise you have for sale.
Here are some and the most important:,

Any last words, horns up for the interview.
Thanks for this space, hope to see it in printed-paper arriving in our P.O. BOX. Someday. Keep spreading the REAL underground metal beyond this era. Darkness Shall Prevail!!! S H E M H A M F O R A S H

November 2014