Country: Germany
Title: Enemy
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2020
Style: Melodic Power Death Metal

Malefistum is a project of Jens Faber, known from his work in Dawn of Destiny, who has also a couple of other projects active as well, and none far away from each other, of course with obvious differences, but the core is similar, that is Melodic Power Metal. Malefistum follows the same path, with the difference made by the Melodic Death Metal influences, especially in the vocal segment and rhythm section. This debut album features cool guest musicians from bands like Black Messiah, Ad Infinitum, Rage of Light, Sleeping Romance or Helsott who did an excellent job contributing to the final result. 12 tracks, 50 minutes of playing time offering an overall upbeat and positive music, very technical and well calculated, precisely executed to a point the listener is convinced this is a real band, well-rehearsed, with plenty of years spent playing together. Some tracks are more melodic, female vocals fronted, on the Within Temptation direction if I may say so, and some are more aggressive, a la Dark Tranqulity and the likes, but it's impressive how well and natural they work together and how easy-flowing the whole material is, probably Jens is working on it for quite some time. If you're into Melodic Power Metal built on fantastic guitar work and powerful rhythm section and lead (mostly) by enchanting female vocals, and don't mind some Melo Death in your music this could be the perfect choice; the atmospheric, memorable cover artwork is also well-worth mentioning. Hope Jens will keep working on this project and come up with more music soon, otherwise it's all worthless, but by the looks of it it's unlikely this project is treated with any priority, just have a look at its Facebook page lacking any enthusiasm towards its debut album (hope I'm wrong, Malefistum sounds great)...
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 9.5/10