Country: Germany
Title: We Live by the Steel
Label: Fastball Music
Year: 2017
Style: Heavy Metal

It took them no less than 6 years to release the followup to their 2011 debut album; We Live by the Steel has the advantage of being self-explainatory right from its title, I mean you can immediately guess you're about to deal with an Epic Heavy or Power Metal band, and of course you'll be right even if you didn't know the band beforehand. Traditional Heavy Metal with an epic feel is what we get here, taking me back to the beginning of the millenium when bands like Hammerfall, Majesty or even Rhapsody were the rage, but unfortunately Inner Axis doesn't have the sam power of impression. I find the vocals to be quite dull as I have a constant feel they are going to miss notes (obviousely they are not, but they give me this impression) and that's not something I'm looking for in a full-length album. The instrumental part is enjoyable and I found a few riffs perfect for headbanging and quite memorable but taken as a whole the album is not surprising in any way, it stays in its confort zone all the time, doesn't try anything new. Fans of Heavy / Power Metal might like it or on the contrary, might slam it even harder for its lack of experimentation, but all in all don't get me wrong, it's a professional material that would have been praised 2 decades ago, played by good musicians, and it's catchy enough to be enjoyed at high volume.
Reviewed by Adrian
Rating: 6/10